What To Do with Tv Niche Above Fireplace (11 Decorating Ideas)

Watching tv sitting in front of the fireplace on a cold winter evening is one of the most comfortable activities I can think of. You can spend hours of quality time with your friends and family here. But not everyone likes the tv niche above the fireplace. They ask things like; can it be covered? How can I decorate the niche?

Certainly, you can cover the tv niche in various ways. You can also decorate it with or without covering it. There are many ways to do it both.

In this article, I will talk about what you can do with tv niche above the fireplace.

What is a TV Niche?

The tv niche or tv nook is the place above the fireplace which is deep enough to fit your tv.

Many tv niches are built before the flat screens TVs are released. For that reason, they are deeper than needed.

On the other hand, the niche is much higher than usual eye level for watching tv. That’s why people find it old fashion and uncomfortable nowadays and want to cover it up but do not know what to do with so much space.

I’m here to help you with that in this article.

How to Cover tv Niche

The tv niche also known as tv nooks comes in different shapes and sizes. That’s why it needs very different skills and specialized tools to close the nook.

Most of the time people do not have that many tools or skills to do it yourself. Also, there is a possibility to ruin the whole area.

So, my suggestion is to take professional help to cover the tv niche without damaging the whole fireplace.

Decorating Ideas After Covering the TV Niche

After you have covered the tv niche there are endless possibilities to decorate the area. You can be creative and come up with your own which matches the theme of your room. Here are some ideas which you can implement.

1. Designed Plates

You can hang designed plates un-accordingly on the covered area. It gives the empty wall an elegant look.

Turkish designed plates are the most suitable for this kind of décor. Match and contrast the color of the plates based on the theme of the room.

2. Neutral Accessories                                         

Paint the covered area white, black or gray and add some neutral accessories such as framed pictures, sculpture, candle holder, bowl, etc.

Mismatch the object and find the aesthetically pleasing coordinate. You can keep it minimal or pile up things. Both works out well if you choose the right accessories.

3. Mirror

Different sized and shaped mirrors add great diversity to the room plus it makes the illusion of a much bigger room than it actually is.

Add colorful or neutral frames according to your taste or just add both. You can occasionally change the frames to match with the season as well.

4. Vases

Adding vases, colorful flowers in them brightens up the room immediately. Make sure the vases do not come in the same shape of size. Shape and size must differ in this case.

Otherwise, the whole parous of yours can be ruined as it matters the most in case of vases.

5. Candles

You can add candles here and there and it will look beautiful with any other décor you chose. Candles will lighten up the area a bit more with the fireplace. You can add scented candles to make the place even cozier and smells amazing.

Decorating Ideas Without Covering the TV Niche      

If you open your creative mind a bit further you will see that you can decorate the tv nook without even covering it.

A space can be an empty canvas where you can decorate as per your wish. I am giving some of the ideas which you can do with an uncovered tv niche.

6. Plants

Different kinds of indoor plants of different sizes can be a wonderful addition to the living room. It will add a pop of color and freshness in colder months. Succulents and hanging plants are a great option you can think of. 

7. Book Shelf

Add some wood shelf into the nook and arrange books in it and make your own mini-library.

It’s not only making the room sophisticated but also you can grab the books you want to read and read beside the fireplace. It can be a wonderful alternative if you are not a tv person.

8. Lighting

Add a centerpiece into the niche and highlight it with lights. You can use fairy lights, hanging lights, candles, LED strip lights the options are endless here, you just have to open your creative mind.

9. Mini-Bar

Make the tv niche a mini bar of your choice of drinks and aesthetic glasses. it is an innovative idea to use a tv niche and you can grab any drinks just beside you and enjoy with your loved ones.

10. Coffee Counter

Just like the mini bar, you can turn the tv niche into a coffee counter as well with all the coffee accessories and equipment you have. Making live coffee and drinking it right away can be a lovely experience.

11. Chalkboard Paint   

If you are someone who does not like the same décor for a long time you can paint the nook with chalkboard paint.

By this, you can draw things or write your favorite quotes or even a family joke to make everyone laugh. The best part is you can change it every day depending on your mood.


Tv niches are not always suitable for the tv. Many times, the tv does not even fit into it. If something like this happens, it is time to do something exceptional with the tv niche above the fireplace.

A tv niche is not just an empty space, it is a lot of possibilities to décor and bring a completely new look to your living room. You can decorate it as you wish to or follow some of the ideas mentioned above.

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