What Sheen To Paint Brick Fireplace? (Answer Explained)

Instead of remodeling the entire fireplace, painting the brick walls is a quicker, easier, and less expensive solution to enhance the look of your indoor Fireplace.

But the most crucial question here is what Sheen to Paint your Brick Fireplace?

To understand the best Sheen paint, you first need to know what is Sheen, what are the available Sheen paint options and which one suits Brick fireplaces most?

In today’s article, I will try to answer all the burning queries one has to deal with while planning to paint their Brick Fireplaces-

What Does Sheen Mean In Paint?

In Painting, Sheen refers to the level of glossiness, brightness, or luster of a specific paint finish.

Paint Sheen mainly describes the way a particular paint reflects light and Sheen also affects the appearance of a painted surface and its durability.

Remember, the higher the sheen, the harder or more durable the paint, but do not assume that all glossy paints will display the same reflectivity. Also, Paint Sheens are not standardized for all paint brands, so they will vary from brand to brand.

Besides, the sheen of a particular paint might alter the perception of its color. That is why considering the right Paint Sheen is essential for your brick fireplace unit’s visual look and functional reasons.

What Are The Different Types Of Sheen Available To Choose?

Let’s have a brief idea about the six different Sheens of paint-

The Flat Sheen:

It is a low-sheen paint with a completely no shine or non-reflective finish. But flat paint sheen brings a soft look to walls and camouflages to hide the minor imperfections incredibly well.

Flat Sheen paint is best for use on ceilings, but it can also be used in other low traffic areas, such as master bedrooms and formal office sitting rooms.

The Matte Sheen:

It has a durable yet low luster reflective finish, which is easy to clean, touches up, and even smoothly covers up minor surface imperfections.

Matte Sheen paint works great on low to moderate traffic areas, such as bedrooms and interior walls.

Eggshell Enamel Sheen:

It has a soft and velvety appearance, which is the perfect choice for moderate traffic areas such as indoor living rooms and brick areas.

Satin Enamel Sheen:

It has a soft yet pearl-like appearance and is great for painting on moderate to high traffic areas, where chances of having some exposure to moisture exist.

This Sheen paint type is perfect for painting kitchens, baths, and brick walls.

Semi-Gloss Enamel Sheen:

This paint sheen has a sleek and radiant finishing appearance. It is effective for high traffic and high moisture areas, such as cabinets and trim.

But remember, while applying this type of paint sheen, you need to apply multiple thin coats for better results and finish.

High-Gloss Enamel Sheen:

This creates a brilliant, shiny appearance with a glass-like finish, which is perfect for high-use surfaces. But just like the Semi-gloss one, you need to apply this paint as multiple thin layers, not thick coats.

What Sheen To Paint Brick Fireplace? 

I have already talked about different varieties of paint sheen and the preferred areas where you should apply them. But remember, individual customers’ personal preferences will still have a huge impact on the final choice.

However, when you are thinking of painting on the Brick walls of your fireplace, you should avoid using paint sheens that deliver semi and high gloss finishes.

Due to the brick surface texture, it is pretty difficult to achieve the perfect long-lasting finish with any Semi or High gloss paint.

That is why most experts suggest using Flat, Matte, Eggshell, or Satin paint sheen.

Satin paint works great for texture surfaces like brick and other types of masonry, and the look of the final coat of Eggshell paint on the Brick surfaces is quite an appearance.

But some users might not like the slight sheen of the satin paint on their brick surfaces, and the eggshell paints are slightly more difficult to clean.

So, Eggshell and Satin paint might not work for all either.

In that case, Matte paint is the ideal choice for brick fireplaces, and since most brick surfaces contain a very matte finish, so the matte paint finish will appear much better on brick fireplaces.

Are you wondering which one to choose? If so, this Top 5 Best Paints For Brick fireplace review by Pro Painter Madison Rude can help you pick the perfect matte paint.

You can even use Chalk paint on your brick fireplace, which also leaves a gorgeous finish on the surface and stays for a longer period. But make sure to add a protective topcoat or good quality sealer like General Finishes Flat Out Flat Topcoat, Quart .

Do You Need To Prep Or Prime The Brick Fireplace?

Remember, for any painting, no matter which surface you have, accurate preparation is the key.

In some cases, you cannot clearly see that the grime and soot have gotten into your fireplace’s brick structure. So, make sure to first clean that surface with soapy water and a stiff Wire bristle brush.

If the grime and soot deposits are visible, mix a half cup of TSP with one-gallon water in a bucket and put the mixer as a layer on the brick surface to clean it (remember to wear rubber gloves).

If this is the first time you are painting the brick walls, you must apply a coat of primer since Brick surfaces are generally very absorbent and can soak up a lot of paint.

Mainly, Primer helps the paint to get a solid grip onto the Brick surfaces. So, it is always better to put a good layer of oil-base primer before applying the paint.

But make sure the Brick surface is completely dry and clean before you apply the primer on it.

What Are The Materials Or Supplies Required To Sheen Paint The Brick Fireplace?

When you have made up your mind and already chosen the right paint sheen and color based on your personal preference, you need to make a clear list of required tools or supplies to paint on your Brick fireplace.

To make your task easier, I am listing out all the required tools and materials with their respective quantity here-

Required MaterialsQuantitiesRequired ToolsQuantities
TSP/ Non-sudsy Trisodium Phosphate1Wire Scrub/Cleaning Brush1
Fireplace Cleaner1Small Paintbrush1
Oil-base Primer1Paint Roller1
Matte Latex Paint (or whichever paint you choose)1Drop cloths/Piece of Sponge1
Painter’s Tape1Eye Protecting Goggles1
Rubber Gloves1

How To Paint A Brick Fireplace With The Correct Sheen Type?

Follow all the steps thoroughly to get the best result-


The first task is always prepping the brick properly by cleaning and drying it the way I have mentioned earlier.


Carefully tape off the areas where you do not desire the paint to go, such as adjacent walls and the place where the brick meets the floor. While you are taping off the areas, make sure not to leave any gaps.


Next is priming your brick surface thoroughly with any good oil-base primer. You can use a stiff Wire brush or paintbrush to apply the primer accurately on the brick’s mortar and various cracks. Then, use a small paint roller to cover the brick’s flat parts.


Now use the same priming method for painting the brick surface with latex paint.


Many homeowners often ask what sheen to paint their brick fireplace. Since remodeling the entire fireplace is relatively expensive, not all homeowners can effort that expense.

I hope, by now, all the confusion and burning queries regarding painting the brick fireplace with the correct sheen are cleared.

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