What Bulb Do You Need for An Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces have become very popular in recent years. They add warmth and comfort to your home and offer lights of different shapes and designs. To light up the fireplaces, you need to install bulbs as required. But you may wonder, what bulb do I need for my electric fire? What kind of bulbs you need to install?

Before installing a light bulb in general, you should choose one with the right type and wattage. At present, most electric fireplaces use chandelier or candelabra E12 type bulbs with 40 watts of power.

In this article, I have answered all the related questions regarding to this topic with buying considerations in detail. Let’s get started!

Where Is the Light Bulb in An Electric Fireplace?

Usually, the light bulb of an electric fireplace is located within the center of the fireplace.

If you need to reach the bulb, you need to remove the access cover which is at the back of the fireplace at first. Then you can see the electric fireplace light bulb within the fireplace.

Electric fireplaces mostly utilize the rotisserie style for generating and displaying flame effects. The light from the source is reflected off an angled mirror to fall onto the back of the screen.  

What Kind of Bulbs Do Electric Fireplaces Use?

Incandescent light bulbs are most commonly used for electric fireplaces. They are also widely used in different fixtures including ceiling fans in different households.

The light bulb would be a great choice for the electric fireplace as it provides a clear and almost natural-looking flame consistently.

Many electric fireplaces come with different light bulbs, while some do not include light bulbs at all. You need to install an A19 incandescent replacement bulb of 40-watt or 60-watt.

However, make sure you’re using the right kind of bulb for the fireplace.

Again, if you are looking for other options to add a different flair, candle bulbs would be another potential option that you’re looking for.

The LED bulbs are energy-efficient and capable to mimic the flame of real candles. The lights are also safe as they don’t get hot as others to raise the temperature so high.

Another added bonus of the lights is that they would last for about 20 minutes or more than incandescent bulbs.

The drawback of the lights is that they aren’t as bright as the previous ones. You may go for any of the types of bulbs, but keep in mind to install the right bulbs with perfect fit and voltage rating.

If you buy the wrong light bulbs for fireplaces, chances are you could damage the device and eventually lose the warranty.

What Should You Consider for Choosing Light Bulbs for Electric Fireplaces?

Choosing the right light bulbs for your electric fireplace depends on a variety of factors such as the desired brightness, frequency of usage, and power.

If you’re lucky enough, your electric fire would come with matching light bulbs but if not, you have to purchase replacement bulbs for electric fireplaces separately.

The average lifespan of light bulbs for an electric fireplace is about one year. If you get the right wattage for the fireplace, the light bulbs would burn brightly without getting overheated too early.

If you get bulbs of low wattage, the lighting will be dimmed and on the other hand, if the bulbs are of high wattage, they will overheat quickly.

Again, you need a higher wattage bulb for a comparatively large electric fireplace. For example, a 40-watt bulb generates optimal brightness but a 75-watt bulb provides more light in larger rooms.

But keep in mind to add the right wattage bulbs to ensure the safety of the fireplace.

However, many want to have a bright light within the fireplace during the daytime to feel cosy and comfortable with friends and family. And turn the light down at night to create a warm ambience.

The size of the electric fire replacement bulb also needs to be considered as it determines how bright or dim it will burn.

If your fireplace has one large light, it single-handedly determines the overall brightness of the fireplace. And if you want to replace the light with several small ones, the brightness would be changed anyway.

Also, frequent changes of light bulbs have negative effects on the lighting system and it affects the lifespan of the electric fireplace as well. That’s why it is recommended to consult with a certified electrician before adding or changing bulbs of your electric fireplace.

See the reasons why your electric fireplace bulb not working.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I use LED bulbs in electric fire?

Yes, you can use LEB bulbs in the electric fire to create flame effects on the screen. Along with the light bulbs, LEDs have become a popular option as a light source in electric fires.

How do I change the bulb in my electric fire?

You can change the bulb of an electric fireplace in the following ways:
1. Turn off the fireplace
2. Open the Rear access panel located on the back of the fire.
3. Locate and replace the fireplace bulbs
4. Install the new bulb by screwing it in a clockwise motion.
5. Secure the rear access panel when installation is done.

Do I need to turn off the electric fire to change a bulb?

Yes, most certainly. This is the first step of changing a fireplace bulb in an electric fireplace. An electric fireplace is mostly plugged into an electrical outlet. You must disconnect the plug for safety purposes.

Is it possible to use electric candles with an electric fireplace?

Yes, most electric fireplaces allow you to install electric candles as light sources. You need to make sure the candles fit perfectly in it before purchasing one.

Final Words

So, I think you get the answer to your question regarding what bulb do I need for my electric fire.

You can place an order for a chandelier or candelabra E12 type bulb online or look at the nearest super shop. Make sure you’re buying the right one. Also, take proper safety precautions before installing one.

Thanks for reading up to this.

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