Whalen Electric Fireplace: Basic Troubleshooting Guide

Whalen’s electric fireplace offers versatile modern functions along with stylish design and high-quality craftsmanship. The fireplace manufacturer is recognized to produce excellent fireplaces with sturdy built and easy to install. However, like other electrical equipment, Whalen also requires troubleshooting sometimes.

The most common problems of an electric fireplace are that it won’t turn on or won’t heat properly. Sometimes, the flame effect doesn’t light up even though it is heating. A fireplace may make a clicking noise due to poor maintenance. Again, the device may keep shutting off if it gets overheated.

Here’s a list of the common issues and possible solutions for the Whalen electric fireplace troubleshooting:

ProblemPossible Solution(s)
Fireplace doesn’t turn onPlug into a wall switch directly
Fireplace doesn’t heatRestart the electrical fireplace
Fireplace keeps shutting offSet the thermostat dial above room temperature
Fireplace won’t light upTurn on the switch that controls the light
Fireplace makes a clicking noiseAdjust the thermostat dial
Remote control not workingChange the batteries, replace if damaged permanently
Function indicator is flashing quicklyRestart the fireplace

This article aims to discuss Whalen electric fireplace troubleshooting in detail so that you can fix them easily.

Let’s get started!

Whalen Electric Fireplace Problems and Troubleshooting

There may be different types of problems that may also vary from model to model. Also, sometimes it becomes difficult to identify exactly where and why the problem is happening.

Having said that, the common electric fireplace problems and troubleshooting are somewhat similar for all models. Here’s some of those:

1. Electric Fireplace Doesn’t Turn On

All electric fireplaces get power from main supply sources to operate. If your fireplace doesn’t turn on, first you should make sure that the fireplace is directly plugged into a wall socket and the switch is turned on.

Never try to plug an electric fireplace into an extension power socket. You may not feel any difference but it damages the fireplace as there’s current loss within the cable.

So, if the fireplace is connected to an extension cable, take it to a wall socket and see if it turns on. Ensure that the power button is pressed on the control panel.

If the fireplace still doesn’t turn on, make sure the remote control battery is working properly. Also, check for any faulty wiring or tripped switches within the breaker.

2. Electric Fireplace Doesn’t Heat

On some electric fireplaces, the heater switch doesn’t work unless the main power switch is turned on.

Also, turn on any other switches that control the heater. Many fireplaces come with multiple heat settings.

If you want to turn the heater on with a low setting switch, you just need to power the main switch.

But to turn the high heat setting switch, both the power switch and low heat switch must be turned on.

If the fireplace still doesn’t heat properly, turn the switches to the “Off” position and unplug the cable from the main outlet. Wait for five minutes and then plug the cable again into the main outlet and start from the beginning. The problem should be solved.

3. Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off

Many Whalen electric fireplaces feature a thermostat to keep the room at a constant temperature. Also, most of the modern ones come with overheat protection to prevent the device from overheating.

If the fireplace keeps shutting off, it is probably because the room temperature has been raised to that has been set on the fireplace’s thermostat.

In order to troubleshoot the problem, make sure the thermostat dial is set above the room temperature.

4. Fireplace Doesn’t Light Up

An electric fireplace’s flame isn’t real. It is just a reflection of a light source that falls on a screen.

In most cases, when you turn the main switch of a Whalen fireplace, the flame effect should automatically start. Some also have additional dials to start the flame effect.

If the light doesn’t turn on, ensure to press the “ON” switch which controls the flame. Also, increase the brightness of the flame effect.

If the light still doesn’t turn on, check for other signs such as a blown bulb. Also, see whether the rotating mirrors are working properly or not.

5. Fireplace Makes a Clicking Noise

Usually, an electric fireplace produces a clicking sound when the thermostat dial is set on the room’s temperature. So, it is probably making a clicking noise as the room temperature rises above or falls below the temperature set on the fireplace’s thermostat.

It may also be clicking as the metal components of the device expands due to heating down and cooling down.

To deal with this, you need to adjust the thermostat dial and set its temperature based on the room’s temperature. If it doesn’t stop, turn off the fireplace and wait a while. Then, start from the beginning again.

6. Remote Control Not Working

The fireplace comes with a remote to control all settings even if you’re sitting far away from the fireplace. But sometimes the remote control stops working and it is one of the most common problems that everyone deals with.

Batteries may stop working for several reasons, for example, dead batteries, damaged remote, unprogrammed transmitter, damaged individual buttons, and many more.

To troubleshoot the problem, check if the batteries are dead. If so, change the batteries of the remote immediately.

Operate the remote transmitter slowly and press the buttons gently and with even pressure. Repeatedly pressing the buttons hardly may cause the remote to malfunction.

Again, sometimes the remotes may be dropped on the floor or water that causing them to crack.

It results in the malfunction of the remote. The programmed radio frequency may be damaged that needs to be adjusted again.

You will get the instructions in the manual of the fireplace. If the remote is damaged permanently, you’ll have to change it for a new one.

7. Function Indicator Is Flashing Quickly

This is rather a rare phenomenon that sometimes troubles you. The function indicator flashes quickly indicating something isn’t going right.

You should unplug the main cable from the wall outlet for five minutes. After that, you can plug the unit back into the outlet and the fireplace should operate normally.


So, the article regarding Whalen electric fireplace troubleshooting comes to an end here. I tried to cover the most common problems that most of the fireplace owners face.

However, as all fireplaces are different, you may not find a solution to your problem here. That’s why it is best to look for any instruction in the owner’s manual regarding the problem you’re facing.

If you have lost the manual, the internet is the best option to find out the solution. And, my comment box is open as always. You can drop your query there. I’d be glad to answer.

That’s all for today!

Thank you.

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