Tv Over Gas Fireplace Pros and Cons Explained

Key Points:

  • Tv over the gas fireplace has both advantages and disadvantages.
  • It gives you the coziest vibe in the winter evening to sit in front of the fireplace and watch tv but it can damage the tv very quickly if not properly maintained.
  • If you have other options, it is wise to not put the tv above the fireplace, but if you do not have options, take safety measures mentioned below.

The idea of mounting a flat-screen tv over the fireplace is tempting. It immediately creates a cozy vibe of having the best cinematic experience at home.  No matter how tempting it sounds, it is confusing and many questions bubble up inside the head. Like you may ask can I mount my tv above the fireplace? Or, should I mount my tv above the fireplace?

In short, yes, you can hang your tv above the fireplace. But there are many things to consider and my suggestion is, you should not amount your tv over there.

If you are willing to know the pros and cons, continue reading as I am going to discuss them elaborately in this article.

TV Over the Gas Fireplace Pros

Hanging the tv above the fireplace has its own merits and demerits. Let’s talk about the pros first.

Aesthetically Pleasing

It will create an eye-catching area where gathering with friends and family gets a hundred times better. A LED tv fits really well on top of the fireplace. You can combine multiple design elements without wasting huge space in your living room.

Many houses provide an electrical outlet behind the fireplace as people prefer it more often. On top of that, you can hide the wire which gives a messy look if cot arranged properly.

Space Saving

If your living room is small, this is one of the major benefits you are going to get. Mounting the tv over the fireplace saves you a lot of space.

If not so, you have to place a whole another area for tv and entertainment which requires a quite large room. In that case, you will possibly choose to decorate with new items which suit the area. As a result, the area will get smaller.

Creates a Common Focal Point

The living room has to have a focal point. Either it is the tv or the fireplace. When one of them is missing it is easier for you to decorate the room and you know exactly where to face the furniture.

But if you have both in the living room, confusion starts right there. It is a dilemma which direction the interior should set.

Mounting the tv over the fireplace solves this problem all at once by creating a common focal point.

Tv Over the Gas Fireplace Cons

Now comes to everyone’s concern, what are the disadvantages of mounting the tv above fireplace. There are some things to worry about. You must consider these before you decide to make the tv corner above the fireplace.

Heat Damage

Heat exposure is not good for technology. It can damage the heat-sensitive gears over time and it can affect the tv significantly. This is the biggest concern you should consider before hanging the tv over the fireplace.

Other than the heat, smoke particles can also damage tv components.

As the tv itself generates heat, it is suggested to set the tv where the temperature is comparatively low.

Hard on Neck and Eye

For the best viewing experience, the tv screen should be at eye level. But if you set the tv above your fireplace there is a high chance that the tv is not on your eye level.

As a result, you have to stare at the tv from an awkward angle. If you, do it for a long period of time it is going to hurt your eye and neck badly. Eventually, it can ruin your posture as well.

No need to mention, it is uncomfortable.

Limits the Décor

If you are a maximalist, you must like a lot of things to décor all around the house. The tv corner is one of the areas with a lot of possibilities for decor.

But putting the tv above the fireplace limits the decoration options for you.

Not only that, but most of the time it also limits the size of the tv you can set.

When Can You Mount a TV Over a Fireplace?

Though there are some drawbacks you cannot ignore, but there are also times you have no choice. Do not worry! If you follow the right technology and installing process you can enjoy this angle as well.

Cool-Touch Technology

This technology draws air from outside and by funneling it, it reduces the temperature of the surface of the fireplace.

If you are willing to mount the tv above the fireplace your gas fireplace must have to have cool-touch technology. Otherwise, there is a high chance the television is going to overheat.

Cables and Outline

Many houses already have the wiring done for the project. If your one has that setting then that’s good.

But if not, make sure you install proper wiring and outline suitable for the tv mount over the gas fireplace.

Enough Wall Space

The wall you are willing to put the tv and the fireplace, you must have to have enough space to put both of them.

If your sailing is not high enough and the space is so congested that both of the appliance set so closely, it may harm your tv very quickly.

Having enough space is a must to put both of the appliances in one place.

Safety Measures

As the matter of putting tv above the fireplace is debated, it is better not to do so if you have the option. But there is not any option left, you have to take some safety measures.

Consult a renowned professional to set up the tv and the fireplace installation. They can check the area and can tell if it’s suitable for you or not.

Keep enough space between the tv and the fireplace. Putting a mantel between the tv and the fireplace can also lessen the exposure of the heat on the tv.  


Tv over the gas fireplace has its own pros and cons. It is not impossible to keep the two together but you have to take the risk for that.

The decision is yours to make whether you want to do it or not, but always take the safety measures properly.

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