Plug in Electric Fireplace: Guide and Precaution Added!

People nowadays are more into electric fireplaces than traditional wood fireplaces. Because with the electric fireplace you have to face fewer problems and the maintenance is also minimal. To avoid most of the problems you need to plug it in in the correct way. 

First of all, an electric fireplace does not necessarily need its own circuit. A regular outlet is fine to plug in electric fireplace. An old or a new home also does not matter unless your wiring is safe. 

However, there are more things you should consider before plugging in an electric fireplace. Read the full article below and get all of your answers. 

How to Plug in Electric Fireplace?

Take the cord of your electric fireplace and plug it inside the socket on the wall.  

Yes, this is how you plug in your electric fireplace. It is the reason, why the electric fireplace is so popular recently. Electric Fireplaces are effective, convenient, cost and user-friendly. But most importantly, easy to use. 

It will give you relief from the hustle of burning wood or the maintenance of a gas fireplace. More than that, electric fireplaces are eco-friendly.

Where Do I Plug My Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace should be plugged in, in a regular standard wall socket of 120 volts. Since most of the electric fireplace comes with a 120-volt plug.  

Make sure you are not covering up the socket or putting it behind the fireplace. Because it needs good air circulation around it to function properly.  

For maximum safety, make sure to use one which has and earth wiring with it. 

If you already have an old fireplace in your home, you can easily put the electric fireplace inside it. 

In that case, you will also have the room to hide the cables behind the fireplace which is a struggle for most people. 

Should I Keep My Fireplace Plugged In All Day?

It’s safe to keep the fireplace unplugged when not in use. 

It should not be a major problem if the electric system of your home is good enough. 

If you are not sure about it, get it checked by a professional for safety reasons. 

Other than that, keep the plug out of its socket when it’s not being used. 

But it is best if you turn off the fireplace completely before you go to bed. 

A turned-on fireplace can overheat and cause many problems if you do it on regular basis. 

Are There Any Safety Issue?

Problematic wiring is the main issue that can cause problems in an electric fireplace. 

It can cause an electric fire if the wiring is not safe. An electrician can easily examine and fix the problems you have with wirings. 

Another thing you should look after is, there is not anything on the way of the fireplace, from where the heat blows. It can cause the fireplace to overheat and other damages come with it. 

Most of the electric fireplace heaters are made for indoor use only. Installing or exposing it outside can create a safety hazard that you must avoid. 

Which Type of Outlet Does It Require?

For most of the electric fireplaces, the standard outlet you have in your home can be used without any other requirements.  

Generally, it needs a 120-volt socket to operate an electric fireplace as the cable requires 120 volts. If your outlet has a 240-volt line, that will also do the work.

Before buying the fireplace, check which method it requires to receive power. There are wiring and plugged in both type of electric fireplaces is available. I am talking about only plugged-ins here. 

Before you plug in the fireplace, check out if the wiring of the socket you are using is good for the fireplace. 

Does a Surge Protector Need for an Electric Fireplace?

This is not recommended to use any surge protector, power strip, or extension cord for the fireplace. 

A surge protector is an extra layer between the electric line of your home and the appliance. It protects the appliances from voltage spikes. This can help to prevent damages that occur from voltage spikes. 

You can use a surge protector for the fireplace, but I will highly recommend not to use it. Because every socket has its own power supply which may be directly needed for the fireplace.

If you use any of those devices your fireplace may malfunction and cause further damage. 

So, directly plugging in the fireplace in the wall socket is the best way you can apply.  

Can I Modify the Fireplace Unit? 

No, you cannot. Modifying the fireplace unit can be very dangerous. It is highly recommended not to modify the unit on purpose. 

You can make changes in your home electric line and outlet according to the need of your particular fireplace. 

Plug-in or Hard-Wire?

Most of the fireplaces are designed with a cord that can be plugged in, in a 120-volt socket. 

But if a fireplace requires to connect with 240 volts, it must be hard-wired and you must remove the cord before connecting it.


An electric fireplace is the easiest way to keep your home warm on a cold winter night. It is easiest because you do not have to do any additional work for it. Plus, the maintenance of an electric fireplace is a bare minimum. 

The only thing you have to be conscious about is how and where you plug in electric fireplace. 

If you do it correctly and maintain the things I mentioned above, there should not be many problems you will face. 

In fact, this is a thing you should consider buying for the upcoming holiday season and create a cozy ambiance for friend and family gatherings. 

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