If The Pilot Light Goes Out, Does Gas Still Flow?

You may have seen the light in your fireplace ignition. That is the pilot light. Gas is released to the main burner when you switch on your appliance, and the pilot light ignites that gas to turn it on and generate heat.

However, do you know how the fireplace pilot light works? Or are you curious about the uses of this light?

Well, this light is used for showing a stable gas connection. This fireplace pilot light is very necessary when you try to use the fireplace. It helps the ignition process and lights up the fireplace.

Why Does Your Fireplace Pilot Light Keep Going Out?

Pilot lights may go out from time to time due to factors like drafts or inadequate ventilation, however, if the pilot light goes out frequently, you may have an issue with your appliance’s thermocouple.

When the pilot light turns off, a thermocouple is a little copper rod that prevents gas from seeping into your house. The thermocouple cools down and closes the gas valve on your appliance if there is no flame to heat it.

A malfunctioning thermocouple can cause a pilot light to go out or prevent it from lighting at all. It’s recommended to get expert help if you detect a problem with your thermocouple.

How Can You Tell If Your Fireplace Pilot Light Is Out?

Now comes the question, how do you tell whether it’s only a pilot light failure when your furnace stops working? The only way to find out is to examine your furnace. To check your pilot light, follow the procedures below:

Check your furnace’s front cover panel. It should be a small, plainly visible door. It should be opened.

It really should be easy to observe if your pilot light is on since your gaze will be directed to the little flame.

The pilot light is out if you’re not seeing a flame. Observe the color of the flame if there is one. The color of the pilot light should always be blue. 

If the color is unusual, it might mean the burner assembly is rusted or unclean and has to be cleaned. 

What Should You Do If Your Fireplace Pilot Light Goes Out?

The very first action you should take if your fireplace pilot light goes out is turn off the gas supply and wait a few minutes. This will ensure that there is no extra gas in the system or the room.

After any extra gas has dissipated, relight the pilot according to the directions in your system’s handbook. This usually entails physically depressing the pilot valve and lighting the pilot with an electric ignitor or a match.

Once the flame has been reignited, keep a watchful check on your pilot light. Something may be amiss with your system if the flame appears to be different than usual or goes out again.

For further information, consult your owner’s handbook. It may be required to have a professional come out and inspect the device for any broken valves or safety measures.

Will Gas Leak If The Pilot Light Is Off?

You do not need to be worried if the pilot light stops working. There will be no gas leak if somehow the pilot light on storage or instantaneous water heater, space heater, or ducted heater goes out. 

This is due to the fact that all current gas devices with pilot lights contain a fail-safe system that shuts off the gas supply to the fireplace if the pilot goes out.

Is It Safe To Relight A Pilot Light Of The Fireplace?

If you want to relight the pilot light of your fireplace you should be very careful. 

The process of relighting a pilot light might be hazardous. If the flame goes out, the gas will continue to flow into the pilot light tube and exit without igniting. 

Lighting it while it accumulates in your room might result in an explosion. While pilot tubes are equipped with a cut-off valve to address this issue, this does not rule out the possibility of a malfunction.


If you have read this article, you have learned all the necessary information if the fireplace pilot light goes out. There will be no gas leak even if the light goes out.

However, if you want to relight the pilot light you should be very careful about it. 

You now know that; it is dangerous to relight it. 

Furthermore, if anything happens to the pilot light always try to contact a professional. That way you will be safe and the repair will be good. 

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