How to Turn Off Gas Fireplace Valve Properly and Safely?

How to turn off gas fireplace valve or how to shut off the propane gas fireplace valve is a common query of the homeowners.

The process is easy and simple. But the problem is that very few people know how to do it properly and safely.

As a result, we have seen lots of accidents related to the fireplaces. Read this article thoroughly to know all about shutting off the gas valve safely.

How to Turn Off Gas Fireplace Valve

In summer, people try to conserve energy and turn the whole thing off. It includes the whole fireplace and the pilot. It ensures that no gas is burning in any way.

First of all, you have to turn off the knob. It can be a bit tricky in some models or brands.

You may have to press it a little bit before turning it to the off position. What it does is close the gas line to the whole fireplace.

Now, on the bottom or one side of the fireplace, you will notice a shutoff valve. The final step is to turn that valve to the off position. When the valve key is in a perpendicular position to the gas line, you will know that it is completely off.

This way, you can make sure that no gas is passing through the line to the main chamber. Also, sensing any trace of gas in the fireplace, you must not use any electrical or spark-creating devices before addressing and solving the issue.

Gas fireplaces are very dangerous. So, you have to do the steps very carefully. Any wrongdoing or missteps can lead to serious injuries or accidents. One must read the instruction manual before using it.

Why Is Completely Turning Off Gas Fireplace for Summer Necessary?

You have noticed in the previous part that I have emphasized turning the valve off. And there is a reason for that.

A standing pilot does not let the fireplace keep a burning flame. But it still leaks a small amount of gas.

In summer, the fireplace stays unused for a long period. Hence, that small amount gets multiplied as the days go by. It increases your utility bill.

That is the reason, you should go the extra mile to act on the valve besides working on the gas fireplace on/off switch.

What Is the Gas Fireplace Shut Off Valve Location?

The exact location of the gas fireplace varies based on design and installation. It is usually in the control panel where the pilot key is located.

Once you have found the control panel, you won’t have trouble finding the gas valve. Follow the gas line and you will notice a yellow or red key in the middle.

In the summertime, always check the gas fireplace valve on or off. Because keeping it in the on position can lose lots of gas wasting money and energy.

How to Turn Off Old Gas Fireplace?

Well, the answer or process of turning off an old gas fireplace is not different than the one I have described above.

All you have to do is find the owner manual of the fireplace or find out the necessary switches on your own.

After that, follow the steps properly to shut down the whole thing, and you will be safe for the summer.

In winter, one doesn’t need to do anything else besides turning the wall switch or the pilot off.

What to Do When Gas Fireplace Won’t Turn Off with Wall Switch?

Though the question mentions only wall switch, it can also happen for remote control or the pilot switch.

In this part, I am going to describe several situations and what to do in those times.

1. Wall Switch Not Working

After locating the controller of the fireplace, you can try turning it off once the wall switch has failed to do the job.

Then, the only thing to try in this situation before moving on to the next step is to turn it off through the breaker box.

It is also possible that the flame has not gone out. In that case, you have to apply the solution mentioned in the third point.

2. Remote Control Not Working

Fireplaces that are controlled by the remote control can show some problems too.

If the remote control fails to turn the flames off, you can change the batteries with new ones. In case the issue still exists, we have to move on to the next step.

3. Pilot Switch Not Working

When the two of the above method fails, you have to go a bit deep into the control system. Open the control box of the fireplace and locate the pilot switch.

I have already mentioned above how to turn it off. Simply place the knob on the off position, and it should do the trick.

According to the expert mechanics, pilot switches can be failed too. Here, there is only one solution to the problem.

You have to turn off the gas valve and cut off the fuel line. In absence of fuel, the flame will go out for sure.

How Do You Tell If A Gas Valve Is on Or Off?

One can easily tell whether the gas valve of a fireplace or other locations is on or off by doing a visual inspection.

Check out the orientation of the long nob or handle of the valve. If it is parallel to the line, you will know that the gas is flowing, and vice versa.

Is It Safe to Turn Off Gas Fireplace?

Yes, it is completely safe to turn off the gas fireplace. You can also keep it on without having to worry about anything.

However, there is one matter that every homeowner should keep in their mind. Regular maintenance is a must if you want proper warmth on cold winter nights.

So, do it by hiring professionals in certain intervals regardless of the season or usage.


This article covers everything on how to turn off gas fireplace valve safely. So, don’t skip any part if you want no accidental fires in your house.

Those who doubt that their fireplace is leaking must inspect it immediately. In case the valve becomes faulty, you can check out this kit from Amazon. Also, see this listing to replace the existing short key with a long one.

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