How To Light A Gas Fireplace With Electronic Ignition?

There are many ways to ignite a fireplace. However, nowadays, electronic ignition is one of the most popular systems that is used in the fireplace.

That brings out the question, how can you ignite the fireplace with electric ignition? Is there any danger related to it?

Well, you will normally get a switch for light fire to the fireplace when you use the electronic method. And the good thing is, this thing isn’t risky. There is very little chance of a short circuit issue with this.

Moreover, in this article, I will tell you about the process of turning on the pilot light and how to light a gas fireplace with electronic ignition, and much other necessary information.

Can You Light A Gas Fireplace With Electronic Ignition?

Obviously, you can light a gas fireplace with electronic ignition. The older models of the fireplace used to have manual systems to ignite it. However, the newer models have remote control systems and many have electronic ignition for lighting up the fireplace.

Based on the low risk, easy maintenance, hustle-free system people are using the fireplaces that have electronic and remote-controlled systems.

Now, if you want to know how to light a gas fireplace with electronic ignition then keep reading this article.

How To Light A Gas Fireplace With Electronic Ignition?

To ignite a fireplace with an electronic ignition system, just turn the ignition button or press the control panel. If the pilot light goes out, you’ll just need to dig deeper.

Either a constant pilot mode or an intermittent pilot mode is used by electronic ignition systems.

When you switch on your gas log fireplace, a spark will ignite and light the pilot light, whereas intermittent implies a spark will kindle and light the pilot light each time you turn it on.

In the summer, when temperatures aren’t as cold, the intermittent mode is ideal. In the winter, a continuous pilot mode is preferable since it keeps the furnace from cooling down, making it simpler to ignite when needed.

Is It Safe To Use Electric Ignition In A Gas Fireplace?

The electric ignition system is one of the available and reliable systems. It is safe and you won’t find any risk problems related to it.

This is because you won’t have to ignite anything directly or manually. Hence, there is always a lower risk of an accident. Other than that, you will not find the gas leaking problem here.

You can always stay tension-free if you have an electric ignition in the fireplace.

Hence, the next thing that comes into the scene is, can you convert the gas fire to remote control?

Can You Convert Your Gas Fire To Remote Control?

Yes, you can! And this is quite easy thing to do. Firstly, you need to get a remote-control kit for your fireplace. Then, you can get some expert help from the service centers or follow the instructions given in the manual.

That way you can set up the remote control by converting it from the gas fire.

Can You Turn On A Gas Fireplace Without Electricity?

If the power is cut off somehow, you can still light up the fireplace without electricity. To turn on the heat, go to the gas valve and make sure it’s turned on.

Detect the pilot light, that may be hidden under a panel or beneath the unit’s mainframe. Finding this little but crucial dial requires the use of a flashlight. Push down on the handle until you hear a clicking sound when in the ignite position.

This might take a while, especially if the fireplace hasn’t been used in a while. This is the mechanism that ignites the gas in order to light the pilot. After that, it may need some moment before the fireplace starts working.

Do Gas Fireplaces Turn Off Automatically?

The fireplace turns off when there the fuel is over. That’s why it is important to switch off the fireplace when you do not need it anymore.

It is for the safety of your house and for saving fuel. Hence, it is recommended to always turn off the fireplaces after use.


Fireplaces are a necessary part of your life. And to keep it working you should know the small details about it.

Knowing how to use the electronic ignition and other related information can be really helpful for you in times of necessity.

I believe, this article will help you with your fireplace ignition process and choosing the right ways to do it.

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