How to Get Rid of Fireplace Smoke Smell in House

In the winter season, especially when the nights are cold, a fireplace can be lifesaving. It gives the warmth, comfort, and all the things you need at that moment. But many fireplaces smell bad after use. Why does your fireplace smell bad? Can you remove the fireplace odor? How to remove the smell of smoke from your house?

If your fireplace is smelling bad, chances that there are creosote and soot build-up inside the fireplace. But the good news is this smell can be removed. There are several ways you can remove fireplace odor.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the ways to remove fireplace smoke smell. And other things about the smell you may need to know. I will also discuss some of the natural ways to remove that smell.

Why Removing the Smell of Smoke is So Difficult?

Removing the smoke smell can be difficult because of the small particles it is made of.

Those particles easily get absorbed in the carpet, sofa, clothes, and many other things in the house. Since the molecules are relatively small, almost all of the furniture pieces also can absorb the smoke and contain its smell.

And once it is soaked up, it can be difficult to get rid of unless you routinely clean the room specially dedicatedly for the smoke smell.

Reasons Your Fireplace May Smell Bad

No matter you have a wood fireplace or a gas log, both can produce fireplace odor. But the reason behind it may not be the same in both cases.

Wood Fireplace

These are some of the main reasons why wood fireplaces can produce the smell.

Negative Air Pressure

Having negative air pressure in the house can make a huge difference in how the house will smell. It usually happens in the summer when fireplaces are not in use.

While the fireplace is in use, the air gets out by the chimney for the updraft. But when in the summer or when the fireplace is not being used, air comes inside the house through the chimney and brings the smell with it.

Creosote and Soot

Excess creosote and buildup not only affect the workability of the fireplace but also brings a bad smell. Creosote soot is produced by the wood smoke and soot by the organic matter which is not completely burnt.


If somehow water gets into the chimney, it creates a misty unpleasant odor inside the house. A chimney that does not have a cap can cause this problem very often. 


many kinds of debris can fall into the chimney and stay there. Eventually, it gets rotten and creates a foul smell.

Gas Fireplace

Though the gas fireplace does not use any wood yet it may create a smell for various other reasons. Some of them are below.

Household Residue

During the summer and the spring, the fireplaces are tended to be off for the whole season.

In this time household residue like hair, dust, skin cells, pet dander build up inside the vent. When you lit up the fire for the first time of the season, all the residue burns up and produces a plastic-like smell.

New Décor

If you have bought some new décor around the fireplace, it makes smells when the fireplace is on. It happens because of the warmth those décors receive and relies on it as smell.

New Fireplace

If your fireplace is brand new and you are lighting it up for the very first time, it will produce a smell because of the paint, chemicals, and debris from the factory.

Electric Fireplace              

An electric fireplace is free from all the causes of smelling mentioned above. This is one of the biggest advantages of electric fireplace.

But it happens rarely that, it emits burning smell.

Electric overload is the main cause of this burning smell. When it overloads, the insulation covering electrical wiring melts and cause odor.

Ways to Get Rid of Fireplace Smoke Smell in House

Finding out what is causing the smoke smell can cut your work in half. So, it is the first thing you can do before getting rid of the smell.

Here are some of the ways the problem can be solved:

Clean the Whole Fireplace

Prevention is better than cure. The old saying also goes for fireplace odor. Keep the fireplace clean after every fire. Check out if there is any unburnt wood and clean it along with the ashes.

After the winter ends, clean the chimney to prevent creosote and soot buildup which cause smell from the fireplace.

Use Fireplace Fragrance

The root cause of fireplace odor has been eliminated, but some of the residues can be soaked up into the brick or other surfaces of the house.

In this case, you can use fireplace deodorant. Another good option is using fireplace fragrance oil.

Air Purifier

An air purifier is an amazing addition near your fireplace. It is designed to clean out the air from all kinds of odors and small particles. Which is the common cause of fireplace smell.

It can clean up not only odor but also all the residue like dust, ash, smoke drive from the fireplace.  

Inspect Your Fireplace

Inspecting the fireplace annually is a good idea no matter you have an odor issue or not.

Other than that, professional help can detect other problems which you cannot. So, make sure to inspect your fireplace routinely.

Natural Ways to Deodorize the Home

Vinegar and charcoal are wonderful natural ways to eliminate the strong smoke smell. Here are several ways you can try it yourself.

  • Mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it on the wall, curtains, and other surfaces. Then wipe it out.
  • Wet a towel with vinegar and wave it in the room of fireplace. It absorbs the smoke odor from the air.
  • Take a bowl of vinegar and keep it inside the fireplace. It also absorbs the bad smell from the inside of the fireplace. Make sure to take it out before you lit the fire.
  • Keep a bucket of charcoal and wet newspaper around the fireplace to soak up the smell naturally.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, blanket, and sofa. Vacuum it after 30 minutes.


Fireplaces can bring the utmost comfort on cold winter nights. In fact, many people look forward to winter every year only to sit beside the fireplace and enjoy the evenings with family and friends.

But the smoky bad smell it leaves behind every season is not pleasant at all. Hope that this article will help you to get rid of that smell. If not, you should inform for professional help as soon as possible.

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