How Much Clearance Does An Electric Fireplace Need?

The intensity of the heat radiation in Electric Fireplace is greater in the closest region of the fireplace and it decreases with distance. So, it is safe to maintain a clearance. So, how much this clearance should be?

Generally, the clearance should be about 3 feet in front of the fireplace and about 1.5 feet in both sides of the fireplace. There are also some zero clearance fireplaces where you do not need to maintain any clearance.

This clearance is maintained in case of combustible things like pillows, wood or furniture. Such materials can get caught in flame due to the heat radiation from the fireplace. Let’s look in to the topic with some more details below.

Why Do You Need Clearance For An Electric Fireplace?

Clearance means a buffer zone between the fireplace and any combustible thing. This clearance is needed as a precaution to avoid any accident due to the radiated heat of the fireplace.

Since the radiation is maximum in the nearest zone of the fireplace, it is possible for a combustible item to get heated and catch a flame. Or the temper of the item can be damaged. To avoid such situations, a clearance is mandatory for most fireplaces.

Though in recent times the introduction of ‘Zero Clearance’ fireplace changes things up. If you install such a fireplace, you will not be needing any clearance.

The fireplace comes with enough insulation to protect your utilities that are placed close to the fireplace. To understand more about it we should also know the working procedure of an electric fireplace.

How Much Clearance Does An Electric Fireplace Need?

For a non-zero clearance fireplace it is safe to keep about 3 feet clearance in front of the fireplace. In the two sides, there is strong metal. So, about 1.5 feet clearance is good enough.

But if the walls are like masonry, this clearance is not needed. There should not be any combustible or electric item close to the rear portion of the fireplace.

The clearance factor is not actually a math formula. It is mostly solved by common sense rather than any theory. Therefore, you have to understand what you are placing near your fireplace.

People often ask me a lot of questions regarding this. Here in below, I will give you some answers to the FAQs you often face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Since there are no fixed formulas to carry out the exact amount of clearance needed for a normal electric fireplace, people often get confused about this.

No need to panic anymore. I am here to give you the solutions you are seeking.

Can I Place My Electric Fireplace Against The Wall?

Yes, you can of course place it against the wall.

Are All Electric Fireplaces Zero Clearance?

No, not all electric fireplaces are zero clearances. Most fireplaces need a small clearance for safety measure. Zero clearance is a modern design of the fireplaces. It comes with proper insulation that gives an advantage to the users to be flexible with clearances.

How To Know If My Fireplace Is Zero Clearance?

By the outside look, you can recognize a zero-clearance fireplace by the black metals on the frame. Some designers are also making the outside shield look like masonry.
These are some common signs to know what you are looking for. The best way to know is to see your manual that comes with the fireplace.

Can I Touch The Front Panel Of My Electric Fireplace?

Yes, you can. The glass is safe to touch. You may think it is said to have deep clearance in the front side, so it becomes hot or not safe to touch. In practice, it does not become untouchable hot. The continuous radiation is the fact that leads to maintaining a clearance.

Can I Put My TV Close To My Electric Fireplace?

TV is an electric item that may get damaged due to the continuous radiation. So, the TV should be placed at a distance of at least 8 inches from the top of the fireplace. Or a distance of at least 6 inches from the bottom of the fireplace.


I have articulated the facts in the best way for you to understand. While installing a fireplace you must go through the article for everything you need to know about clearance.

Almost all the insurance and local government companies in America suggest maintaining a clearance of about 3 feet in front of the fireplace. It is always safe to maintain the rules to avoid any damage.

If you are not using a zero-clearance fireplace, make sure to keep a minimum clearance as I have said in the article. Thank you.

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