Do You Know How Hot Does a Fireplace Get?

High temperatures can cause both exhaustion and uncomfortable situations. On the other hand, the less-than-perfect temperature can fail its purpose. It’s important to have a proper idea about the heat it will produce before lighting the fireplace. So, how hot does a fireplace get?

The temperature actually depends on the burning material. For the wood-burning fireplace, woods usually start burning at 600 degrees Fahrenheit and can burn as hot as 1750 degrees Fahrenheit. And for the gas-burning fireplaces, the inside usually reaches up to 1000 degrees.

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Heat Mechanism Of The Fireplaces

Before going further about heat generation and its level, a specific idea about how and in what ways the heat is generated should be understood.

Basically, all heat sources produce three types of heat, which are Radiation, Transmission, and Conduction.


It’s an effect of the infrared rays traveling through the air. Most of the heat of your fireplace is generated by radiant heat.


It’s a transfer of heat using moving air. Usually, fireplaces have chimneys and this type of heat goes through the chimney. 


This type basically indicates heat transfer via direct contact with the heated surface. 

This is a basic mechanism of heat generation. Now that it’s clear let’s look at the highest possible temperatures along with the usual temperature that a fireplace can generate. Wood and gas-powered fireplaces are discussed separately.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Fireplaces that use wood to produce heat are called wood-burning fireplaces. The level of heat is actually depended on the type of wood.

Mostly the age of the wood makes the difference. Old and dry wood burns easily and faster. While on the other hand freshly cut woods burn slower as the moisture inside them has to be vaporized first.

Also, hardwoods generate more heat than softwoods. These are just factors in the generation of heat from different woods.

There is a range to define how hot a wood-burning fireplace gets. Woods usually start burning at 600 degrees Fahrenheit and can burn as hot as 1750 degrees Fahrenheit.

But mostly the highest temperature stays at 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. This range is the temperature of the inside of the fireplace. The outer surface gets up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Gas Burning Fireplace 

Fireplaces that use gas as fuel are called gas-burning fireplaces. Gas burning fireplaces are comparatively more efficient than wood-burning ones. It takes less time to reach the same temperature. It also burns more consistently.

The inside of the gas-burning fireplaces usually reaches up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit which is clearly less than that of the wood-burning fireplace.

Now, as the gas-burning fireplaces are more efficient, the outer surfaces like the grates and walls of the fire box of the fireplace do not decrease rather stay 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The gas-burning fireplace is more used by people living in the city. Overall, it is more modern where wood is more traditional. But this does not mean that wood-burning fireplaces are not used by city people.

Electrical Fireplace

Electric fireplace is basically an electric heater that is designed to look like a fireplace. 

A coal or wood fireplace burns the fuel in order to produce heat energy. But this is not the case in an electric heater. 

Electric heater runs on the power of electricity. Hence, you will have to plug this into an electrical outlet and they will work using this power. Generally, it produces 5,000 BTU of heat which is very low, comparing to others.

As there is no fuel, there won’t be any real flame. To create a real look of flame, these fireplaces use holographic technology.  LED lights or different light sources from rotating mirrors are used to create these flames.

So, what it does is heating the cool air with the help of the coil inside the fireplace.  While most of the electric fireplaces use fan forced heaters, some expensive models also use infra-red heaters. The latter ones can produce better and more heat.

An electric fireplace is obviously a better choice than other traditional fireplaces because it heats the room faster, it is much more energy efficient and get less hot comparing to other two fireplaces.

How to Measure the Heat

There are many ways to measure the temperature of the fireplace at your home. But the best one is to use an Infrared (IR) thermometer.

This thermometer basically uses the radiation produced by the fireplace to measure the exact temperature.

There can be problems if the device is not up to the mark meaning if it cannot measure up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit or more the whole purpose is failed.

So, it’s important to make sure the device can measure up to your desired expectation. 

How to Make the Fireplace More Efficient?

As fireplaces are essential for you if you’re staying in chilly weather, you need to focus on the development of the efficiency of your fireplace.

To do that, try using dry and old woods instead of green and freshly cut ones. Also, try setting a box made of cast iron and steel. These can be effective ways of making your fireplace more efficient. 

How Hot the Fireplace Should Be?

Fireplaces heat up within a range and can go really high. But there is a range that should be maintained for proper comfort.

Often people lack this aspect and fail to utilize fireplaces properly. The range that I would recommend is between 110 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit. And modern fireplaces allow controlling airflow. 


Fireplaces can be identified as a vital tool for recent and future scenarios of the modern world. People now are equipping fireplaces with different systems and settings.

Now, what’s important is that often people ignore the aspect of temperature generated by their fireplaces. And they don’t know how hot does a fireplace get.

This can get serious concern if not properly maintained. Knowing the heat possibility of your fireplace makes sure of the comfort that you desire and deserve. 

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