Febo Flame Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting: Everything You Need to Know

Nothing seems more frustrating than your electrical appliance such as an electric fireplace starts to malfunction. And if your luck sucks, the electric appliance will give trouble on the coldest day of the season. That’s why it is important to know the basic troubleshooting of your Febo Flame electric fireplace.

Some top problems you may face like – the fireplace may not start at all or the flame effect may not be present. Also, sometimes the appliance shuts off automatically and doesn’t turn back on. Moreover, remote control and heating components give trouble at times.

Here’s a list of the common problems that you need to deal with their probable solutions for the Febo Flame electric fireplace troubleshooting.

ProblemPossible Cause(s)
The simulated flame effect is dim or absentDimmer is set too lowThe LED strip isn’t working The flame wand motor isn’t functioning
Fireplace turns off and does not turn back onOverheating protection feature gets triggered The main circuit breaker is tripped
Fireplace does not turn on when the “ON” button is pressedOverheating protection feature gets triggered
Fireplace does not heatThe heating coil has been stripped
The remote control does not workBattery is dead
Heater produces noiseThe heater is dirty or defective

This article aims to discuss Febo Flame electric fireplace troubleshooting in detail so that you can fix them instantly and enjoy its warmth.

Let’s get started!

6 Common Febo Flame Electric Fireplace Troubleshooting and Solutions

There are different types of problems that may occur to your electric fireplace. As it is an electronic device, your fireplace may act differently than usual. It is sometimes getting difficult to find out where and why the problem is happening.

However, most Febo Flame electronic fireplaces should give trouble in the same pattern and that is why the manufacturer provides a specific troubleshooting manual.

The most common Febo Flame electric fireplace troubleshooting is discussed below:

1. Simulated Flame Effect Is Dim or Absent

Electric fireplaces don’t have real fires. Instead, they produce a simulated flame effect on the display with a light and rotating motor. Sometimes, this effect is absent or dim while the device is turned on.

The most probable reason would be the dimmer control is set too low. If you push the flame button to a higher degree, the light should be seen on the panel.

Another reason would be the flame wand has come loose from the bracket. To troubleshoot this, remove the screws that hold back the panel in place and remove the back panel. Secure the end of the flame wand into the support bracket.


Again, the flame wand may not function at all or the LED strip may not function. You may contact the customer care service centre anytime for that. Their number is provided in the manual.

2. Fireplace Turns Off and Does Not Turn Back On

bracket.The fireplace turns off and doesn’t turn on again occurs for two main reasons. The first one is, the overheat protection device has been triggered due to excessive usage or it may have reached room temperature.

You should turn off all the controls and unplug the cable from the wall outlet. This allows the insert to cool down. Wait for about ten minutes. Then plug the cable back in the socket and restart the fireplace. It should work properly.

The second possible reason should be the house circuit breaker has been tripped. To deal with the problem, you need to reset the house circuit breaker.

3. Fireplace Does Not Turn on When “ON” Button Is Pressed

If you’re pressing the “ON” button for a while but the electric fireplace doesn’t turn on, this is because of the triggering of the overheat protection device within the appliance.

When the fireplace is turned on for a long time, its components become hot and can’t follow the instructions. The overheat protection device is turned on to ensure nothing catches the fire.

If you face the problem, unplug the cable from the wall switch and let the insert cool down for five to ten minutes. Then, plug it and start the fireplace.

4. Fireplace Does Not Heat

If the fireplace is on but it doesn’t heat, unplug the cable and wait for about ten minutes. Then, plug back in and restart the device.

However, another probable reason for the problem is that the heating coil has been stripped. If it happens, you have to reset the heating coil with a professional electrician.

5. Remote Control Does Not Work

This is perhaps the most common and frequent problem you may encounter. Almost 90% of the time when this occurs is because of the dead batteries. if you change the batteries of the remote control, it should work fine.

In worst cases, your remote may fall on the floor or water that damages it permanently. You need to replace the remote control with a new one.

6. Heater Produces Noise

If the heater of the Febo Flame electric fireplace isn’t cleaned for a long time, this problem arises. You need to clean the dirty heater. You must ensure the intake louvres and log cavity are free from dust and dirt.

If the heater is defective, call the customer service centre.

Last Words

Before attempting any service, ensure to turn off all the appliances, unplug the cable from the wall socket and let everything cool for at least ten minutes or so. It is also recommended to get assisted by a professional qualified electrician while servicing or repairing the electric fireplace.

I hope this article helps you find the Febo Flame electric fireplace troubleshooting. If so, don’t forget to share it with your friends because they may get helped as well.

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