Electric Fireplace Vs Space Heater: Which One Should Be A Wise Choice?

Electric fireplace and Space heater are used to heat up your living room and give you a cozy environment even in tough weather. But choosing one of them can be a hard pick. Which one will be better and safer for you? Which one should be efficient and gentle to your bills at the end of the month?

Electric fireplace covers 400 sq ft, whereas space heater only covers 150 sq ft. You’ll get more safety with electric fireplace than the space heater. However, Space heaters are also good in some scenarios.

In this article, I’ll explain all of the differences between electric fireplace vs space heater. So, let’s get start reading.

Electric Fireplace: Things You Need To Know

Am electrical fireplace is an alternative to an actual fireplace that doesn’t need coal, wood, or gas to create actual heat. It’s much safer and easier to operate than an actual fireplace.

You don’t need to clean up the chimney every three days or cut the woods to light up the fire. It creates an artificial flame of fire, which costs way less.


The interesting thing about an electric fireplace is the installation. All you need to do is plug it in and you are good to go. But make sure to get a professional for the installation.

Safety Tips

As it’s a matter of heating the room, there is always the risk of fire and burns. Kindly, maintain the proper precautions to avoid accidents that can happen while having an Electric fireplace around.

  1. Always plug it in on the main switchboard and try not to use an extension cord if not necessary.
  2. Check the plug every day to avoid unwanted sparks. Change it if needed.
  3. Keep the objects that are flammable at a better distance, at least 3 feet away.
  4. Avoid touching the top surface of the fireplace as it creates heat. If you need to touch it, then do it after a quite amount of time, after switching the machine off.
  5. Never leave the kids and pets alone around it while it’s on.
  6. If you notice anything unexpected, kindly consult a professional. Never try to modify it by yourself, it can be really dangerous.

Power Usage

An Electrical fireplace is more efficient compared to other available heaters. It uses only 1500 watts of electricity to heat a 400 square feet-sized area. But you must choose the right one with features that offers you the facility. 

My Recommendation:

1. Touchstone Sideline Elite

2. R.W.Flame 60″ Fireplace

3. Modern Flames Slimline

Space Heater: Things You Need To Know

A Space heater is a machine that warmth your room by creating energy using electricity.

It’s always a great take to heat the room while not facing any trouble of burns or fire.

It’s safer if used properly and maintained in the basic precautions.


Most of the modern Space heaters are run by electricity. But some of them are also powered by burnable fuel such as gasoline, wood pellets, etc.

Remember, the electric ones are easy to use and take less maintenance. The installation process can be a bit practical.

The main plug of the space heater should be plugged into its own wall outlet and also should be wired to it its own circuit. It’s better if you hire a professional to set it up.

Safety Tips

If you can’t operate the space heater properly, the risk of fire and burns are always a concern. We have explained some of the precautions in detail below.

  1. Plug the space heater directly into a wall to its own outlet. Try to avoid the extension cords if not mandatory. Extension cords at a point cannot take the highest amount heat and by the time they can overheat, hence the risk of fire.
  2. Check the plugs and cords daily to make sure there if there is not any crack or damage. Change them once needed.
  3. Keep the materials that are flammable at a safe distance from the heater. Like curtains, dry clothes, gasoline, etc.
  4. Never leave the kids or pets alone in a room with having the heater on.
  5. Install the heater on a hard and non-flammable facet.
  6. Install the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors near the heater.

Power Usage

In general, Space heaters are used to heat up a small part of the room. They consume 1500 watts of electricity to heat up only a 150 square feet sized area.

If you want to keep the whole room warm then you need to buy an expensive one or multiple space heaters which sums up to more electricity bills.

My Recommended Space Heaters:

1. Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

2. Vornado AVH10

3. Lasko Ceramic Adjustable Thermostat Space Heaters

Now, What’re the Differences Between Electric Fireplaces Vs Space Heaters?

Comparison factorsElectric FireplaceSpace Heater
Power usage1500 watts up to 400 square feet1500 watts up to 150 square feet
Flexible installationYesNo

Power Efficiency

Electrical Fireplaces use a lot less power sources than Space heaters. An electrical fireplace uses only 1500 watts to warm up a 400 square feet area.

Whereas a space heater uses 1500 watts to heat up only a 150 square feet area.

It’s crystal clear that, an electrical fireplace saves you a lot bucks on the electricity bills.

So, if you need a heater for the living room then you must go for an electrical fireplace and if the purpose is for a little room or for a work space then a space heater should be enough.

Finally, when it comes to cost-saving, Electrical fireplaces have the stage over Space heaters.

Safety Issues

It’s a matter of heat therefore the risk of fire and burns. Both of the heaters are powered by electricity so safety concern is always a priority.

Abide the precautions and check the plugs periodically to make sure if there is any short circuit that can cause a fire.

But in the long run, Electrical fireplaces are safer than Space heaters because they don’t create actual heat rather, they heat the air around the room.


On Electric fireplaces, all you need to do is plug it into the wall. It’s less of a struggle than a Space heater. Space heaters require their own outlet on the wall besides having their own circuit.


If you are thinking of a long-term heater then we would suggest you go for the Electrical fireplaces.

Space heaters are eligible for small areas and more costly than fireplaces. And they need higher maintenance after buying.

Compared to space heaters, Electrical heaters tend to last long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it cheaper to run a space heater or electric fireplace?

The answer is an Electric fireplace. An Electric fireplace is more durable and less costly than a Space heater. The maintenance is also lower than a space heater. An Electric fireplace consumes a lot less electricity than a Space heater.

Do electric fireplaces really heat a room?

Yes. Electric fireplaces are really effective besides being energy-efficient and cost-saving. They can heat a 400 square feet area using only 1500 watts of electricity.

Do electric fireplaces use a lot of electricity?

Compared to a Space heater, an Electric fireplace is more energy saving. It uses only 1500 watts to create a warm environment on a 400 square feet area.

Do space heaters save on electric bills?

Space heaters are very much recommended for small areas. Because a medium-range priced space heater can only heat a fraction of your bedroom. With 1500 watts of electricity it can heat a 150 square feet area which is really less efficient.

Are space heaters worth it compared to electric fireplaces?

To be honest, if you are planning on buying a heater for your bedroom or big living room then you must go with an electric fireplace. And if it’s for a small portion of the room or for a little office then it’s worth the Space heater.

Final Verdict

Between Electrical fireplaces and Space heaters, I have described all the details you need to know. The choice is always yours to go with the right one judging the facts. But if you ask our preference, I would suggest you invest in the Electrical fireplace.

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