Electric Fireplace Heater Not Working: What’re the Solutions?

Key Points:

  • Electric fireplace heater has paved the way to hustle free and convenience fireplace experience.
  • Though it has its own set of problems are most of them are solvable.
  • You need to do some simple maintenance seasonally to increase the lifespan of your fireplace.

An electric fireplace heater is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to warm up the room on winter days. If you are using an electric fireplace for a couple of years then there’s a chance you have faced some common problems like not being able to turn the heater on.

There can be many reasons behind this and one of them can be the power supply not working properly. Not having any power from the power source can result in a fireplace that does not work.

This is not the only cause why electric fireplaces not working, there are many more. To know all of them and the solutions, read on.

Why Electric Fireplace Heater Not Working and Their Solutions

Everything comes with its own merits and demerits. Electric fireplace heater is no different. But the good thing is most of them have solutions before getting completely destroyed. So, do not panic here are some of the solutions you can try.

1. Not Enough Power Source

I am mentioning this again because it is the most common reason your electric fireplace may not work. Like any other electronics, an electric fireplace also needs continuous and adequate power to run smoothly. Not having enough voltage can cause this problem.


You can use a voltage tester to test if your power source has enough voltage or not. You can also transfer the heater to another power source if available.

Faulty wiring can also cause this voltage problem. Check the wiring if they are converter correctly.

If there is a voltage problem you need to call the technician and repair the electric source.

2. Unit Does Not Supply Enough Heat

Most of the time in these cases, the flame flickers correctly, the fan does its job alright but still, there is not enough heat produced from the fireplace. 

It can cause when the thermostat is set below the room temperature. It prevents it to turn on can producing low to zero heat.


This problem can occur when the light bulb that supplies the heat source malfunctions. It affects the heat supplying procedure. Replacing the heat switch can solve this problem.

Another because it may occur is when the wiring loses and disconnect the system. So, checking the wiring can solve this as well.

3. Check the Power Breaker

Some electric fireplace heater requires more power than usual. So, when you try to turn that on, it does not happen.

On the other side, the power breaker shuts down to keep the electric system safe for your house.


The best thing to do here is, check thoroughly how much power your fireplace needs before you even buy one. And reset the power source according to the needs of the fireplace.

If it’s too late, go and check the power breaker if the fireplace does not turn on. If it’s shut down, again you need to rearrange the power supply for the fireplace heater.

4. Faulty Fuses 

A portable electric fireplace hater uses fuses to produce the heat and run properly. If your heater does not work correctly or does not produce the heat you want, the faulty fuse can be the reason behind it.


If the fuse is broken or burnt, you need to replace it and you can do it yourself. The first step is to turn off the fireplace completely.

Then find out the fuse box, usually, it is located behind the fireplace. But it can be in different places according to the model of your fireplace.

However, the fuse looks like a clear cylinder with filament in them. If it’s burnt or broken the filament will look black or gray in color.

Use a screwdriver to remove the old fuses and replace the new ones in the old place. If a broken fuse is a problem, your fireplace probably is working fine by now.

5. Other Minor Problems

In a busy life, it is not unusual to make mistakes, even silly ones. It happens to us all the time. So, if your fireplace is not working, do not panic. Check if one of these things happens, if not, well you can panic then.

  • Unplugged power cord. There are so many times when I forget that I unplugged the cord last time and try to turn the heater on.
  • If it’s still not working check if either the remote control or the power switch is off.
  • Sometimes the turned off gas valve can also cause this problem.
  • Incorrect setting of the fireplace or in remote control can cause electric fireplace heater not working.
  • The longs need to be placed correctly.
  • Prevention You Can Take

What to Do If the Problem Persists?

If your electric fireplace still not working after all the solutions given, you need to can an electrician. As it is a complicated appliance many complicated problems may occur.

It cannot be fixed without professional help. A technician can find out the root of the problems and solve them completely if it’s possible.

Preventions You Can Take

Prevention is better than cure.

This old saying is true in the case of an electric fireplace. Though it is one of the appliances people look for its hustle free maintenance but less maintenance means no maintenance.

Read your user manual thoroughly and then after every season clean the fireplace. Dirt is one of the reasons fireplaces do not work as they should do.

From time to time check the wiring of your house and power supply if it is working properly.it is useful not only for the fireplace but also for every electric appliance in your house.


Electric fireplace heater is a popular choice people are making because it gives the warmth of the fireplace with minimal maintenance. Yet, electric fireplaces have their own problems.

But solutions are also available for most of them. I have tried to incorporate most of them in this article. Those should be enough for a primary checkup. 

If the fireplace still not working, you need to call for professional help.

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