Can Your TV Be Wider Than The Fireplace?

Both TV and Fireplace enhance the decorating view of your living room. Even whether it’s a standard or massive living room, setting up the TV and Fireplace together as pair is the new norm or current trend.

That raises the most common question- what TV size should you pick, and can your TV size be wider than your fireplace?

Your Fireplace should be wider than your TV size, but it’s still up to you whether you want to go with the expert’s suggestion or just wish to pick the size you prefer.

In today’s article, let’s learn everything one should know and consider before placing their TV and Fireplace together-

Can Your TV Be Wider Than The Fireplace?

Although interior designer experts suggest having a fireplace wider than the TV size, it is still not a mandatory rule.

There are even plenty of examples where customers got fireplaces smaller or bigger than their TV size, and they still managed to set the TV and fireplace safely without compromising the decorating view of their living room.

However, experts recommend that the fireplace should be at least 6 to 8 inches wider than the TV size so that the wall can easily frame the TV around while offering sleek lines for the fireplace edges.

But make sure not to have too much space above the TV edges. Otherwise, your TV will look too small compared to the background wall space.

Especially when you are selecting the false wall fireplace, you should go with a wider fireplace than your TV.

Besides experts also highly suggest not to get a TV lot bigger or smaller than the fireplace. Because when one will look too small & another one too big in the center of a living room, this will make both of them look awkward, unbalanced, or weird.

Therefore, the final decision is yours, and you should choose based on how you wish your room to look like with the new setup.

How To Determine The Perfect TV & Fireplace Size?

One of the coziest moments is when you can sit by a fire and enjoy your favorite TV show, series, or movies. Luckily, it also preserves enough free space in your room.

However, the question is, which TV size is the best size to match fireplaces?

Technically speaking, it should be determined based on the area, where you will put your TV and fireplace, how you want to set both of them, and your room’s length.

For example, if your room is not big enough for the popular big-sized TVs, you might want to go with a TV size between 28 and 32 or 43-inch sizes, and for these sizes, you will find similar-sized fireplaces widely available to match.

But the way you will decorate them together will entirely depend on your preference, where you can either set the TV in an alcove or the corner.

You can even set the TV independently somewhere far from the fireplace too, but in that case, you need to decorate both of them smartly by including some other decorative items.

If you have a standard or massive living room, you might wish to go with the modern big screens, and the current TV sizes between 50 inches and 75 inches are the most popular ones.

These big TVs should be fit in the chimney breast of the fireplaces. So, it’s better that you go with a TV size a little bit smaller than your fireplace and maintain the safe distance in between.

Another fact that you should consider is the type of fireplace you have or want. Fireplaces are available in two typesFeature Fireplaces and False Wall Fireplaces.

For feature fireplaces, interior experts mostly recommend going with a TV similar match in size, and in that case, your TV should be at least 50 inches.

Note: To determine the correct size of your TV for your fireplace, you also need to understand that while measuring a TV, measure it from the left bottom corner to its top-right corner and not the original TV width.

For a false wall fireplace, you need to get a wider Fireplace than your TV or a TV at least 6-8 inches less wide than your fireplace.

Even if you are just planning to decorate the fireplace with other decorating appliances instead of TV, such as mirrors, organic items, and others, you need to maintain the safe distancing.

Getting the sizing correct for both the TV and the fireplace is not only crucial, but it is also quite overwhelming for most customers.

Therefore, the best way to find the best match according to your budget, choice, and preference is to ask an interior expert.

What To Do When Your TV Is Wider Than Your Fireplace?

It will undoubtedly look unbalanced and awkward if your TV turns visibly wider than your fireplace, especially when you have fit them together in the center of your room.

Fortunately, a few decorative ways can help you fix the situation-

One of the most affordable and simplest techniques is to add some small to medium-sized furnishing items on each end of your fireplace. You can put either bookshelf or organic pieces to accessorize the extra areas.

But make sure whatever furnishings you pick are identically similar in size. Also, maintain symmetry in decorating both decorative items.

For instance, if you are putting a bookshelf on each side and placing a standard-sized houseplant on one of the shelves, place an organic or decorative vase on another one. Maintain a standard balance while selecting the decorating elements.

The general rule of thumb is that whatever item you choose should be at least as tall as your fireplace mantel height.

If you use lower furniture like end tables, you need to use tall decorative pieces on each side.

Interior experts suggest choosing an element at least 1 foot wider on either side than your TV’s width. One can even use accent chairs.

Is It Safe To Mount TV Over Fireplace?

Before you decide, wait a moment and mull over the following issues once again-

The heat generated by the fireplace can potentially harm your TV, and if you increase the height for hanging the TV over the fireplace to keep it safe from the heat while watching from the couch or sofa, it might cause your neck strain.

Not to forget the extra hassle of hiding the wiring setup. If the wires are in the display while hanging from the wall, it will destroy the entire appearance of your room. So, you will have to conceal them all.

Besides if your living room is small and does not have enough space, mounting your TV above the fireplace will not be the ideal solution. Since you cannot set your couch or sofa set much far back from the fireplace, it will be pretty uncomfortable to sit too close. 

So, better you put a smaller sized TV independently or decorate the TV and fireplace in a way, they both can look attractive.

Even for a larger living room, heat is the most obvious concern because a large room requires higher heat output. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while analyzing the TV mounting distance from the fireplace fire unit.

Still, the final decision will be yours, so pick your card wisely.


Hopefully, this article was helpful enough to clear all the confusion regarding can the TV be wider than the fireplace or should you opt for a smaller TV size.

So, which type of decorating option do you prefer to decorate your TV and fireplace?

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