Can You Mount a 65-inch TV above a Fireplace?

You have a gorgeous-looking fireplace in your house but don’t know whether you should  mount a 65-inch TV  above your fireplace. If that is the case, then do read along, as this article is designed just to cover this particular topic only.  

Can You Mount a 65-inch TV above a Fireplace? Yes, you can. But you have to be careful about the fireplace strong heat generated to avoid damages favourite TV. 

Moreover, you must take into account some other important factors such as the height of your TV off the floor, the width of your fireplace, the exact position of the mantle and many other important things before you decide to mount your 65-inch TV above your fireplace.

65 inch tv over fireplace

What Size Fireplace for a 65-Inch TV?

The general rule of thumb is, your fireplace should be at least as wide as your TV and if possible a little bit wider.

You have to know a couple of important things first before you install the fireplace in your wall. Fireplaces are linear in nature. So, if you make your fireplace wider it will not become taller.

Let me give you an example to make you understand the concept better. Suppose you want to have a 55-inch fireplace which will probably be 16 to 17 inches tall. 

But if you plan to install a 65-inch fireplace instead, it will not become taller and still will  remain 16 to 17 inches tall. So, the height is not changing as the width.

But the same thing is not true for your TV. You see TVs are measured on the diagonal. It means that the wider the TV gets, the bigger and taller it becomes. 

So, you must be really careful and accrue with your measurement while installing both your fireplace and your TV.

So, what size should your fireplace be if you want to hang a 65-inch TV above it? The bare minimum is to go for a 60-inch fireplace at least. But if your wall permits, you should go for a 70 to a 75-inch fireplace for your 65-inch TV. 

Below is a table showing the ideal size comparison for your fireplace and TV.

TV SizesMinimum Fireplace sizes
55-inch TV50-inch Fireplace
65-inch TV60-inch Fireplace
75-inch TV74-inch Fireplace

How High Should a 65-inch TV Be Mounted above a Fireplace?

Well, to be honest with you it depends largely upon what type of fireplace you are planning to install or already have installed on your wall. In the case of an electric fireplace, we have multiple options with zero restrictions in terms of heat being transferred from the fireplace to the TV.

You should consider starting from top to bottom. For example, you should hang your TV first and then think about installing your fireplace.

It is ideal to mount your TV in such a way that the bottom of the TV should be 42 inches off the floor. That is the maximum height that I suggest for comfortable viewing if you are sitting down at a reasonable distance in a living room or in a family room.

Yes, there can be other variables but in general, if you are seated on a chair or a sofa that is 18 to 20 inches off the floor, then placing your TV with the bottom being at 42 inches off the floor is the maximum comfortable height for you and for everyone.

Only after that, you can think of placing your fireplaces below your TV. In the case of linear fireplaces, which is obviously the preferred choice for everyone nowadays, the fire might be 16 to 17 inches tall. 

So, this means we get lots of space to position the fire between the TV and the floor. It is better to position the fireplace at least 12 inches off the floor.

Some people prefer to install an additional mantle to help protect the TV from the heat. In that case, you should never raise your TV up, rather place the mantle in between the TV and the fireplace and make sure the TV is at least 42 inches from the floor for a comfortable viewing experience.

Tips To Mount a 65-inch TV above a Fireplace

Now, let’s talk about how you can mount a 65-inch TV above your fireplace. I am going to give you useful tips so that you don’t run into any trouble while setting the whole thing up.

Tip No:1

If you place your TV higher than the usual then consider selecting a mount that has tilting abilities so that you can tilt your TV down towards the side you normally sit.

Tip No:2

You can consider installing a mount which supports full  mount if you don’t plan to watch your TV from the same sitting position all the time. A full-motion mount allows your TV to swivel both right and left.

Tip No:3 

Not all studs within your wall are going to remain right at the center for your mounting bracket. So, consider buying a TV mount that allows you to move your TV both left and right after the installation. 

Tip No:4 

Your electrical box will generally be behind your TV. So, you must choose a wall plate that will allow you to position it wherever you need it to be without interfering with your electrical box.

After considering all these things, you can go on and mount your 65-inch TV above your fireplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

House owners and fireplace users ask these important questions quite frequently. Here are some of the frequently asked questions given for your consideration.

Is It Mandatory to Place a Mantle in Between the Fireplace and the TV?

No, it is not mandatory if you have an electrical fireplace on your wall and a TV above it. 

But you need to place a mantle in between the fireplace and the TV if you are using a gas or wood fireplace instead to better protect your TV from the immense heat emanating from your fireplace.

How Can I Protect My TV from the Heat of the Fireplace?

Well, to do that you can follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Place a mantle in between your TV and fireplace.
  • Always keep the fireplace’s doors shut.
  • Convert to a gas-powered fireplace.
  • Use an electric fireplace instead.

How Far Should I Place My Couch from the Fireplace?

You should never sit too close to the fireplace as it can feel very hot and it may cause accidental fire to take place. So, it is ideal to place your couch at least two to three feet from the fireplace for a safer distance.

Is It Advisable to Mount a TV above a Brick Fireplace? 

No, certainly not. It is neither advisable nor wise to mount a TV above a brick fireplace. But yes, if you have an electric fireplace then you can mount a TV above it. 

What size TV Is the Best for Mounting Above Fireplace?

You should consider selecting TVs that are sized between 55-65 inches at best. Beyond that is not suitable at all and doesn’t look all that good as well.

How Can I Hide the Cables from My Fireplace Mounted TV?

You can hide the cables easily by installing an in-wall wire concealment over your fireplace.


People have a mixed reaction when it comes to mounting a TV above a fireplace.  Some opine in favour of it and some oppose the idea.

No matter in which team you are right now, let me tell you that mounting a 65-inch TV above a fireplace is quite a doable job and the heat emanating from the fireplace does not cause any damage if proper precautions have been taken.

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