Best 42 Inch Electric Fireplace (Review and Guide 2022)

The size of the fireplace is extremely important to decide depending on your requirement and available space. For a moderate space, a 42-inch electric fireplace would work perfectly.

In search of the best 42 inch electric fireplace, I’ve gone through different models of the exact size. Tangkula 42’’ recessed electric fireplace is the best option according to my research with all required features starting from the heater, adjustable flame color, remote control, touch-screen to speed control.

This isn’t the only one on my list. This article will review some of the best quality 42 inch electric fireplaces in detail. So, let’s start with it!

Before starting with the article in detail, let’s have a quick look at my top-picked 42-inch electric fireplaces.

1. Tangkula 42 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace: Best Build-Quality

This fireplace offers superior construction and multiple heating and flame options. Also, it includes energy-saving features and can be installed in different ways and places in your house.

2. Xbeauty 42″ Electric Fireplace: Best Stylish Design

The fireplace comes with a linear stylish design that works silently. It carries jaw-breaking crystal ember bed and flame color options that can be adjusted based on your preference. Heat is released through the front face.

3. Valuxhome Electric Fireplace: Best Real-looking Flame

The fireplace can be wall-mounted through an easy installation process. It includes logs and crystals for a real-looking flame. Having a thermostat, you can control its temperature and it is energy saving.  

4. ClassicFlame 42″ 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace: Best Modern Electric Fireplce

This fireplace offers 3D flame display technology with different colors and brightness levels. Infrared heaters and zone heating save money and energy at the same time. All features are controlled through a remote.

5. Antarctic Star 42 Inch Electric Fireplace: Best Value for Money Fireplace

This electric fireplace heats up space efficiently. The heater has two heating modes for both heating and energy-saving purposes. Also, this one carries overheating and other safety precautions.

Choosing the Best 42-inch Electric Fireplace

Best 42 Inch Electric Fireplace

Choosing the size of an electric fireplace is one of the key factors to consider. Now as you have determined the size already, let’s focus on the other factors. Here I’ll discuss some of them in detail.

Types of Electric Fireplace

When it comes to buying an electric fireplace, people often get confused about whether to go for a wall-mount, free-standing, insert fireplace. It largely depends on your need and how you want to place the device. Each of them serves a specific need.

Free-Standing Electric Fireplace

This type of fireplace doesn’t require installation. Just find a 120V outlet and set it adjacent to this. So, this is a portable option.

Wall-Mounted Electric Fireplace

If you have a convenient wall to fix the fireplace, this is the one. It is easy to install and it’s a DIY project. Some models can be recessed to give a built-in look.

Electric Fireplace Insert

If you already have a gas or wood-burning fireplace and you want to replace it with an electric one, a fireplace insert should serve your need. It is very easy to install. It also lets you avoid costly repairs that your existing one demands.

Another popular type would be the built-in electric fireplace unless you don’t recess the wall-mounted fireplace. You need to cut into the wall to install built-in ones and only professionals should do that.

Power supply

There are two types of power supply in the case of an electric fireplace, namely plug-in and hardwired models. Plug-in models are easy to install and require no professional attachment. They are perfect for spaces up to 400 sq. ft.

If you need a fireplace more than that, preferably, you need a hardwired electric fireplace. They are hardwired directly to the main circuit board. Also, they demand a professional installation.

Heating Output and Control

Many fireplaces include integrated heaters which are great for single room heating. But, make sure to check the heating power or output before purchasing one.

Most electric heaters have 1500W heaters that are perfect to warm rooms up to 400 sq. ft. For larger rooms, you need more powerful heaters. 

Another important thing is to determine if you can control the flame and heater separately. You should be able to control the temperature by turning on or off the heater separately from the flame controls.

This way, you can utilize the heater all year round. You can enjoy the flame effects only during summer and turn on both the heater and flame during winter.

Flame Effects

Electric fireplaces with different flame effects are great to have as they suit different moods and occasions. You’ll always go to have a suitable flame effect for your mood and condition.

Some fireplace inserts provide different types of flame effects. You may be able to change the flame and bed color, brightness, and intensity in some high-end fireplaces. However, the budget fireplace may not offer any flame option at all.

Other Considerations

Well, built quality may be another factor to consider. The better the quality of the fireplace would be, the longer it would serve without troubling you. Your fireplace should also come with at least two to three years of warranty to back you up.

Again, remote control features and prices should be considered seriously before randomly choosing one.

5 Best 42 Inch Electric Fireplace: A Detailed Discussion

Here, in this section, I bring a detailed discussion with a comparison table amongst all the 42 inches of electric fireplaces from my list.

Along with the description, I described the positive and negative points of them so that you can buy the best one possible.

A Quick Overview

ProductsTangkula Recessed Electric FireplaceXbeauty Electric FireplaceValuxhome Electric FireplaceClassicFlame Electric FireplaceAntarctic Star Electric Fireplace
Power (Watt)750 & 1500700 & 1500750 & 15001500750 & 1500
BTU2559 & 51185100512052005200
Coverage (Sq. Ft)4004004001000400
Adjustable flameYesYesYesYesYes
Weight (Pounds)3642.739.2447.342.9
Dimension (Inches)42 x 3.86 x 18.1145.7 x 22 x 742 x 5 x 18.3542.8 x 8 x 17.642 x 3.7 x 18.1

Tangkula 42 Inches Electric Fireplace

Key Features:

  • Power: 750W and 1500W
  • Output: 2559BTU and 5118BTU
  • Heat Settings: 2
  • Heating Area: 400 square feet
  • Weight: 36 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 42 x 3.86 x 18.11 inches
Tangkula 42 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace

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If you’re planning to purchase the best electric fireplace, Tangkula 42’’ would be a great choice. This modern fireplace will warm up the room with high-energy efficiency without any emissions.

Superior Construction

The fireplace is equipped with a crystal glass decoration and a real-looking flame design.

It comes with two stands and wall-mounted brackets that are of great quality. This is why you can either install it on the wall or just stand it on the desk.

As there’s no real flame, the fireplace is safe to use and it also carries overheating protection. Apart from that, to maintain the humidity of the room, infrared heat is used that doesn’t make the space too dry.

Appealing Flame Options

Tangkula offers multiple operating modes that allow you to choose the flame speed and brightness based on your preference. It has 12 flame colors and 12 bed colors with 5 levels of brightness.

Excellent Heating

The wall mount recessed fireplace heater comes with two heater settings at 750W and 1500W allowing you to adjust the temperature of the room. It also works as an energy-saving feature.

The Good

Tangkula 42-inch electric fireplace features a robust build and multiple flame options. It can be installed in different ways as well.

Including the sleep mode and timer control feature, the fireplace saves energy.

The Bad

There have been complaints against heating issues in the fireplace even though it was rare.


Tangkula wall-mount recessed fireplace is a good investment if you’re concerned about the color and brightness versatility of the flame and bed. It provides comfortable warmth allowing you to enjoy the maximum.

42″ Electric Fireplace in-Wall and Wall Mounted Fireplace

Key Features:

  • Power: 700W and 1500W
  • Output: 5100 BTU
  • Flame Speed: 5
  • Heating Area: 400 square feet
  • Weight: 42.7 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 45.6 x 22 x 7 inches
42" Electric Fireplace in-Wall and Wall Mounted Fireplace

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If you want a top of the class design fireplace that can be either wall-mounted or recessed, Xbeauty would be a smart choice.

Apart from the sleek design, the fireplace allows a more functional top by releasing heat only through the front side.

Top-class Design

Xbeauty electric fireplace comes with a sleek contemporary linear design that will perfectly fit any wall of the house with its convenient dimensions. You may either mount the fireplace directly or suspend it to the wall.

Moreover, having a front air outlet, the fireplace is perfect to place under any existing installation, for example, a TV or monitor. The heater works quietly under 40dB to heat up to 400 sq. ft room.

Realistic Flame Effects

The fireplace also has a stunning crystal ember bed, while the flame intensity can be adjusted accordingly.

The most appealing fact about the electric device is that you have the ability to choose from 12 colors of fire projections. You have the luxury to mix and match the color combinations based on your preference.


Xbeauty comes with convenience! The remote control that it carries is enough to change all settings right from your bed or couch.

Additionally, the monitor is touchscreen capable which is smooth and easy to go through.

The Good

It has multiple installation methods with a real-looking flame display.

The remote control is convenient and the monitor is touch-controlled as well. Heat is released through the front side so the top can be utilized.  

The Bad

I haven’t particularly found any strong negative reviews against the fireplace. It is widely praised by all users except a negligible portion found it noisy sometimes.


Overall, Xbeauty electric fireplace is one of the most stylish fireplaces I’ve gone through. It doesn’t only appeal with its looks, but also makes your life convenient and smooth with lots of refreshing features.

Valuxhome 42 Inches Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Key Features:

  • Power: 750W and 1500W
  • Output: 5120 BTU
  • Installation Type: Wall Mount
  • Heating Area: 400 square feet
  • Weight: 39.24 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 42 x 5 x 18.35 inches
Valuxhome 42 Inches Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

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Valuxhome is another great electric fireplace that you can count on if you’re looking forward to buying a 42-inch electric fireplace. It operates quietly and comes with overheat protection.

Wall Mounted Easy Installation

The fireplace is designed to have wall-mounted installation only. Having the air vent on the top, it is very easy and simple to install.

It even doesn’t require a professional touch to install. You can set everything up within an hour when you have all the required parts.

Dual Fuel Bed

The electric fireplace includes faux fire logs and crystals to resemble burning coals. It creates an aesthetic environment and gives you the feel of authentic and traditional fireplaces.

The best linear electric fireplace also offers 3 flame colors and 3 fuel bed colors to match up your modes.

Time and Temperature Control

Incorporating a timer and a thermostat, the e-fireplace’s temperature can be controlled and can be set from 62°F to 86°F. Also, the time range is from one hour to nine hours.

The Good

The fireplace is easy to install and operates quietly under 40dB. It includes two heat settings and three fuel bed and flame colors as well. Also, offers a timer and thermostat to maintain temperature.

The Bad

If you need to heat the room too much, this isn’t the right one as it doesn’t heat as much as it appeals.


Overall, valuxhome 42-inch wall mounter electric fireplace comes with logs and crystals that create an aesthetic environment which is the main selling point of the fireplace. If you want an appealing fireplace as a showpiece in your house, this should be the one.

ClassicFlame 42″ 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace 

Key Features:

  • Output: 5200 BTU
  • Flame Speed: 5
  • Heating Area: 1000 square feet
  • Weight: 47.3 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 42.8 x 8 x 17.6 inches
ClassicFlame 42" 3D Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace

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ClassicFlame electric fireplace comes with a 3D flame projection technology to take the real-looking thing to a next level. It also includes infrared advantages and many more safety features.

3D Flame Effect

The patented 3D flame technology is promised to offer you a truly realistic experience of the flame and allow massive customization to suit your room. 3D flame is displayed on a realistic log and ember bed with five speed settings.

Also, the flame has five adjustable brightness settings to display the perfect lighting. Moreover, flame effects can be used separately without a heater so that you can add ambiance any time of the year.

Zone Heating

Zone heating is another significant feature of the fireplace. Using zone heating, you can restrict blowing heated air to unoccupied spaces and save energy. It also reduces wear and tears on the heating units of the house.

Zone heating saves both your money and the environment at the same time.

Infrared Technology

The fireplace incorporates infrared technology that helps warm up the room quickly. Infrared heat also helps make a healthier environment as it preserves natural humidity in the air of the room.

The Good

ClassicFlame fireplace offers a 3D flame effect with different colors, levels of brightness. Its infrared technology helps heat up the air instantly. Also, zone heating saves your money and energy. All settings are controlled using a remote controller.

The Bad

The insert of the fireplace is made of glass which restricts the view of the flame during daylight.


ClassisFlame is a high-quality electric fireplace with lots of futuristic technologies such as 3D flame technology, infrared heating, zone heating, and many more.

Antarctic Star 42 Inch Electric Fireplace 

Key Features:

  • Power: 750W and 1500W
  • Output: 5200 BTU
  • Flame Speed: 5
  • Heating Area: 400 square feet
  • Weight: 42.9 Pounds
  • Dimensions: 42 x 3.7 x 18.1 inches
Antarctic Star 42 Inch Electric Fireplace 

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The last electric fireplace on my list is the Antarctic Star 42-inch e-fireplace. This wall-mounted fireplace comes with numerous safety protections and features easy installation.

Efficient Heating

The fireplace includes a front heater blower with two heating modes of 750W and 1500W for both heating and energy-saving purposes. The supplemental zone heating heats up to 400 sq. ft area efficiently.

There are two air inlets on two sides and an air outlet in the middle of the fireplace which enable it to heat a particular place shortly.

Safe and Easy to Use

It carries CETL certification which ensures the device is safe for kids and pets. There is a safety cut-off switch for overheat protection. Also, the heater has a temperature controller to adjust with the help of a remote.

With the sleep mode available, you can set a limit for the fireplace between 1 to 8 hours.

The wall-mounting of the fireplace is pretty much hassle-free. You should not take thirty minutes to mount it on the wall.

The Good

Antarctic Star heats up the room efficiently and quickly. You’ll have different flame and ember bed color choices. Also, it is easy to install and has sleep mode and overheat protection.

The Bad

The viewing angle isn’t great from sideways.  


Antarctic Star 42’’ is a simple yet widely functional electric fireplace with lots of safety and energy-saving features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How do electric fireplaces work?

Electric fireplaces draw cool air from the room and heat it through an internal heating element and then release the hot air to the room again through a fan or blower.
Electric fireplaces don’t produce flames really. Rather, linear electric fireplaces create an ambiance of flames using LED.

Are electric fireplaces safe?

Electric fireplaces are significantly safer than traditional gas fireplaces as they don’t burn real fires.

Does size matter for buying an electric fireplace?

Yes, certainly the length of the fireplace should match the length of the place where you want to keep it. In the case of a wall-mounted fireplace, the length should be less than the fireplace’s length.

Final Words

The electric fireplace is becoming the mainstream type of fireplace and is a cheaper option in the longer term. So, finding the best fireplace electric is a must.

I hope you liked the article and already found the best 42 inch electric fireplace for your home. If so, don’t forget to mention it in the comment box below.

Thank you.  

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