Are TV Stands with Fireplaces Safe?

However, since the dawn of technology, it has been quite a ritual to mount TVs over fireplaces or use TV stands with fireplaces. But are tv stands with fireplaces safe? Should you place your TV over the fireplace?

The initial answer is no. However, there are ways to make it safe with enough precautions without sacrificing the entire home décor.

Scroll down the article to know the few things you should keep in mind before using TV stands with fireplaces. 

Why Shouldn’t You Keep Tv Stands with Fireplaces?

There are a couple of causes of not keeping the stand with the fireplace and they are stated below –

Heat Reducing the Life Span of the TV

The first thing that you need to know before using a TV stand with the fireplace is that the surface above a fireplace is warmer than all the walls combined in your lovely abode.

So, if you are planning on mounting your TV over that fireplace, then you better throw that idea out of the window. It is simply because heat is bad for the TV or any other mechanical device in your house.

Usually, electronic devices work better in cooler areas. Higher temperatures usually wear the internal parts of these devices. Some of these devices like the television produce heat naturally. That is why it has an internal fan to cool it down. 

Now, when the TV is kept over a fireplace, then the internal parts overwork themselves and end up reducing the life span of its internal parts. That is why a TV over the fireplace is prone to damage faster comparatively.

Nullifying Of TV Warranty Due To Damage From The Fireplace

Nowadays the TVs are quite expensive that comes with a variety of features. However, even if your TV is new and pricey, somehow it gets damaged by heat even when the warranty is still in process.

The technician will not replace it for free. Any sort of heat damage nullifies the warranty conditions. In some cases, just mounting your TV over a fireplace is enough to nullify the warranty.

So, before you decide to mount the TV on a stand with a fireplace, make sure that you read the instructions first.

It specifies the mounting of the TV over a fireplace as a condition to make the warranty given by the company void.

Viewing Angles

Your basic LCD screen comes with tiny shutter windows that project an image through a backlight.

To enjoy maximum picture quality, the best viewing angle is exactly straight in front of you.

Now, if you place the TV over a fireplace the angle decreases which ultimately, hinders you from getting the best picture quality.

An anti-glare technology also activates inhibiting you from enjoying the maximum potential of your TV. 

If you use a TV stand with a fireplace, then you will need to extend your neck every time look at the screen. It will cause you to feel dizzy and even give you neck pain within 30minutes of watching any movie. 

Cleaning Up

Soot and black ashes generally occupy a fireplace.

So, when you use a TV stand with a fireplace, the soot and ashes from the fireplace deposit on the exterior of the TV and some of it also get inside the system. It becomes quite hard for you to clean it up easily.

Even if you succeed in cleaning the exterior, the interior is sure to get damaged due to excessive deposition over time.

Moreover, the everyday deposition of soot is quite a hassle to keep tidy.

How to Keep Tv Stands with Fireplaces Safely

TV Stands with Fireplaces are safe if you do the following things properly:

Mantel Installation

It is better to install a mantel instead of taking your TV off the fireplace which might cost a lot of money.

Installing a mantel helps to deflect some of the fumes and heat coming from the fireplace. It is less expensive and also effective.

Make sure that the mantel has a depth of 10 inches depth to protect your TV from heat damage.

Using An Electric Fireplace:

An electric fireplace produces little to no heat at all. It produces not more than 3000BTU of heat which is enough to keep your TV well-functioning.

As an electric fireplace does not produce heat, your TV is free of heat damage to a great extent.  

100⁰F Is More Suitable

If you’re lucky enough to get an electric fireplace with a deep mantel and a strong blower, even then you are not safe from heat damage.

If the place where your TV screen will be has a temperature of 100F, then you are ready to place your TV on the fireplace otherwise not.

It is the optimum temperature to keep your TV safe from heat damage.


At this point, now you know are TV stands with fireplaces safe or not. You can make it safe with enough precautions without sacrificing the entire home décor. Even then, it is better to not use a TV stand with a fireplace.

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