Are Electric Fireplace Remotes Universal?

The electric fireplace is one of the most commonly used fireplaces in recent times. It has brought much flexibility to our day-to-day life. Moreover, these fireplaces can be controlled remotely by remote control. In such cases, many people often ask me- are electric fireplace remotes universal?

Generally, the remotes of electric fireplaces are very specific to the device it comes with according to the model and brand. But mostly you can use the same remote for the different models of a specific brand.

Since electric fireplace remotes are not universal, there must be some reasons behind this as well as pros and cons to this feature. Let’s dig into the topic to find out more about it. But first, let me say what does this universal thing mean?

What Is A Universal Remote?

A universal remote is a kind of common remote that can be used for any model of the same kind of device. That is, in the case of an electric fireplace, the remote can be used to control any electric fireplace independent of the brand or model.

But like I have mentioned earlier electric fireplaces generally have specific remote controls, you have to use the remote from the same brand of the device to use it.

What Is The Purpose Of An Electric Fireplace Remote?

The remote of the electric fireplace serves as a controller for the fireplace from distance. You can turn on or off the heater, increase or decrease the heat by controlling the thermostat, set a timer for the heater etc. A receiver is attached to the fireplace to receive the signals from the remote.

So, just like a TV or AC, you can control the electric fireplace using a remote. It increases flexibility. For the unavailability of the remote, there is the same control panel mounted on your main device.

Are Electric Fireplace Remote Universal?

Like I have already said, electric fireplace remotes are not generally universal. Each brand has a specific remote that comes with the device. In most cases, you can use a remote to control any model of the same brand. But you cannot use a remote to control a device of a different brand.

These remotes use IR to transmit data. There are only a few buttons on such a remote. And the manufacturing companies normally use their own data set for the remote.

Thus, due to the difference in this data set, the remotes may differ. That is why your electric fireplace remotes are not universal.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Since the remotes are not universal, a crisis may rise when you damage or lost your remote. What are the solutions in such cases? Let’s answer some FAQs regarding these.

Why Are Electric Fireplace Remotes Not Universal?

There are both technical and marketing reasons behind this. The technical reason is already stated earlier. The data that is transmitted through the remote is different from brand to brand.
The marketing purpose is the selling policy. You will have to buy remotes according to your original model. So, there will be a need of various models. This creates dependency on various companies including original manufacturers.

What To Do If My Electric Fireplace Remote Is Damaged?

You can fix your remote or get a remote that matches your original one. In the time being you can use the main control panel that is mounted on the fireplace. You can also use your smartphone which comes with IR sensors to control your fireplace.

Is There A Control Panel On The Electric Fireplace?

Yes, there is a control panel with the same switches as there in a remote. So, if you need to use your fireplace when there is no remote, you just have to get closer to the fireplace and use the control panel.  But a remote is something that makes things easier. So, it is better to get a remote as soon as possible.

Can I Use A Random Remote To Control My Electric Fireplace?

No, you can’t use a random remote. You need to use a remote which transmits data that is recognized by the receiver of your fireplace. In such case, you should use the remote that comes with your device. Or get one that matches the model of your original remote.

How To Know The Model Of Your Electric Fireplace Remote?

Since the remotes are not universal, you will need to know the model when your remote is damaged. You have to take off the back cover of your remote’s battery compartment to find the label that states the model of your remote.

Can I Use My Smart Phone To Control My Electric Fireplace?

Yes, you can. The smartphones come with a built-in IR transmitter. You can use an application to set up your connection with the fireplace and control using various commands on the phone.


Universal remote makes it easier to replace a remote when it is damaged or lost. But in this case, it is not possible since the electric fireplace remotes are not universal. So, if you think you need one, check the model number and search for a replicable one.

Besides this, you may find obstacles and questions in your mind. In this article I have given you a lot of answers to the things that may light up in your mind. To get more updates visit our site for new articles. Thank you!!

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