Are Electric Fireplace Inserts Worth It?

The electric fireplace insert is becoming more and more popular for its efficiency increasing factors. Normal electric fireplaces waste a lot of heat energy. Adding a fireplace insert reduces the loss and helps to increase the heat with lower power input. So, is it worth it?

Yes, electric fireplace inserts are totally worth installing. It increases efficiency. So, its use of it results in less power consumption and better output.

In this article, I am going to describe the electric fireplace, what advantages it has above the other type of fireplaces as well as the benefits of using inserts. Don’t miss anything about the article.

What Is An Electric Fireplace Insert?

The electric fireplace insert is a kind of shell around the fireplace that helps to prevent the wastage of heat. It also helps to burn more efficiently and decreases the effort as well as loss.

Besides the technical advantages, it also gives a realistic 3D preview of burning fires. It enhances the overall look of the fireplace setting well in a room. The shape of the electric fireplace insert is generally rectangular. It is also easy to install in any part of the house.

So, when you ask; whether placing an insert is worth it. I would of course say yes, it is totally worth it. Let’s see why?

How Does It Work?

An insert works by creating a blockage to the heat that gets away from the fireplace through leakages. It is built with cast iron or steel with a glass on the front side. The upper and lower doors are used to take in cool air and push out hot air into the room.

The hot air is generated by the Electric Fireplace. It has heated coils. So, when cool air enters through the vent, it is passed through the coils. This heat up the air and then the air is pushed through the other vent. In the whole process, the insert helps prevent the leakage of heat. Thus the efficiency of the work cycle increases a lot.

Why Should I Choose An Electric Fireplace Over Other Fireplaces?

Electric fireplace has a lot of advantages over the other fireplaces to make you choose it. In this type of fireplace, you do not need any other materials to produce heat. Like, you need wood for wood-burning fireplaces. You need gas for the gas-burning ones. But here any wall outlet is enough.

An electric fireplace is quite efficient itself. Like there is no chimney used. There are no gases. So, you will not find any heat getting away by the chimneys. In fact, you do not need to build a chimney for your electric fireplace. That’s a big relief, right?

Besides all these, electric fireplaces do not produce any harmful gases like the other ones. Gases like- carbon dioxide and monoxide are harmful. There are always such gases when you burn woods or natural gases.

Is Electric Fireplace Insert Worth It?

Electric Fireplace Inserts are more efficient and it saves the waste of heat that is found in traditional fireplaces. Here is a little more description about it.

  • Electric fireplaces are much easier and more efficient than the other form of fireplaces. Adding an insert increases the efficiency even more. It helps to prevent the waste of heat from the fireplace.
  • Adding an insert also results in less power consumption. Since the waste of heat is decreased, it takes less power or energy to heat up the room. So, there is a good amount of electricity saving and your money.
  • Electric fireplace inserts are easy to install. There is not much complexity and no hassle to maintain.
  • This insert can be purchased for any size of the fireplace.
  • There is also temperature control facilities as well as safety maintenance features.
  • Unlike the other traditional fireplaces, electric fireplace with an insert warms up the room much faster.
  • Finally, this is eco-friendly. There are no harmful gases or leakage of toxic elements.

So, we can say that an electric fireplace insert is worthy of installation by all means except for one thing- the cost of installing an insert. So, you may ask how much will it cost and will this cost still make it worth installing?

I would still say yes it will worth it. The installing cost of an insert may vary due to the size of the fireplace. The installation cost is in a range of 400 $ to 4000 $. This extra amount will pay off.  Because as I said, after installing an insert you will see how fast your room heats up and how your electricity bills are saved.


When you ask about what is worth of an electric fireplace insert, you will have a lot more questions too in your mind. So, I have given you a glimpse of all things you may need to know that are related to your desired answer.

Finally, you can always count an electric fireplace insert worthy of spending money for it. It will give you better results more efficiently. It will enhance the outlook of your fireplace. And finally, you will save money. So, what more do you need to know? If you are thinking about buying one, just go for it. Good luck…

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